TELUS Digital responds to #GetLoud: CMHA Mental Health Week

Culture · May 10, 2018

At TELUS Digital, we move fast, and moving fast means taking risks and pivoting quickly to adapt to our customers’ needs. Our teams love the speed at which we move - but moving at a rapid pace does not have to come at the expense of our mental health. It’s crucial to slow down, unplug and check in with our mental wellness. Our #OneTeamOneDream mission is not possible without all of our team members feeling supported and happy. "

“Mental health is about more than mental illness. It’s more than being happy all the time. It’s about feeling good about who you are, having balance in your life, and managing life’s highs and lows. Everyone deserves to feel well, whatever their mental health experience. And we all need a support system to lean on.” - Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)

This week, TELUS Digital took the opportunity to #GetLoud and answer the CMHA’s call to action. We prompted our team to answer the following ‘fill in the blank’ 

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We anonymously surveyed people in both our Vancouver and Toronto offices and grouped their answers based on similar themes. Team members were free to interpret the statement in any context (at work, home, school, metaphorically, etc). Here are the most common responses:

Knock me down and I'll GET BACK UP

This was the most cited response from our TELUS Digital team members. As a team, we persevere together through both the highs and the lows. 

Knock me down and I'll GET BACK UP (song edition)

The same idea of above, except some people couldn’t help but sing it!

I get knocked down, but I get up again. You are never gonna keep me down. I get knocked down, but I get up again. You are never gonna keep me down…. And now the song is stuck in your head. 

Knock me down and I'll GET BACK UP (fancy edition)


Some TELUS team members wouldn’t just simply get back up. They would pull their socks up, bounce back, Conor McGregor style, to get that LEVEL-UP like Super Mario.

Knock me down and I'll...(pause)

While most of the responses were reactive, other team members took time to pause and reflect on what this statement meant for them. Self-awareness and self-reflection are incredibly important for personal growth. Not every response needs to be immediate. Our ability to step back and reflect on what is being asked helps us process the world around us. 

FIGHT or FLIGHT? We choose fight!

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Some of the responses were interpreted in a ‘fight or flight’ manner. Our resilience in times of adversity is a true sign of communal strength from our team. Whether that is failing in particular tasks or projects, going through drafts of copy or design, or working on pesky bugs, we don’t give up until we get the job done.

Knock me down and I'll recharge my batteries

A well-rested body is a well-rested mind. It’s vital to recharge our batteries, whether that’s heading to bed early, engaging in meditation or taking a nap. Sometimes going to sleep right away isn’t as easy as it seems. A significant portion of the Canadian population reports persistent or occasional symptoms of insomnia. The Canadian Sleep Society has great resources to help with these symptoms or connect you with support.

Knock me down and I'll smile

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Positivity is contagious. Keeping a positive frame of mind is not always the easiest, but when you work with amazing people you can always count on them to take those lemons and make lemonade.

Knock me down and I'll ask for help

We aim to support all of our team members so that they don’t feel overwhelmed or suffer in silence. We do this by ensuring no one works in isolation and that no team member is an island. Raising your hand and asking for help is something our team encourages - whether you’re just starting off in your first week or you’ve been with our TELUS family for years.


As Mental Health Awareness week comes to a close, we're glad that we had the opportunity to #GetLoud and reflect on what this means to our team. Finding a balance between work and personal life can be difficult. 58% of Canadians report “overload” in juggling a variety of roles and responsibilities. Some recommended tips by the CMHA include:

“Make a distinction between work and the rest of your life. Protect your private time by turning off electronic communications. Don’t be available 24/7.”“Create a buffer between work and home. After work, take a brief walk, do a crossword puzzle, or listen to some music before beginning the evening’s routine.”“Make choices. Social, community and volunteer obligations pull us in many directions. Choose the ones that are most fulfilling and learn to say “no” to the rest.”

For the full list of recommended tips, please visit this link.

If you or someone you know is grappling with mental health-related issues please take the opportunity to use the following resources: 

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Chantelle Sukhu, content manager
Chantelle Sukhu
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