Canada Learning Code Week: Staying Safe Online

Culture · Dec 7, 2020

At TELUS, supporting and enabling our local tech communities across Canada is integral to our values. Over the past few years, TELUS Digital has partnered with Canada Learning Code (CLC) to support their mission of striving towards making Canada a place where "all people have the skills and confidence to harness the power of technology to create a better and more inclusive future.” Throughout our partnership, TELUS Digital has provided Mobile Internet for CLC’s Code Squad, ensuring they can stay connected in rural and remote areas across Canada. TELUS has provided support to Girls Learning Code (a CLC program), and TELUS Wise provides consultation for CLC’s AI and Machine Learning Cyberbullying workshops for 2020 Girls Learning Code Day.

Creating a safer, friendlier world online

TELUS Digital is excited to support Canada Learning Code Week this year, as it aligns with our goal of keeping our customers safe online by building secure web applications, keeping personal data safe, and providing online security services. This year, Canada Learning Code Week’s theme is “Digital Citizenship: SafetyOnline”. In a digital world, online safety is a concern for all Canadians, and especially top of mind for parents and teenagers. The virtual event kicked off on December 1st, 2020, and is running until December 11th, 2020. On Saturday, December 12th, there will be a CLC Summit with awesome speakers and thought leaders in the computer science space. The week-long event is open to anyone across Canada who is interested in learning more about staying safe online or passionate about technology. There will be several Family Game Nights, with fun online security themed activities such as a cyberbullying themed Amazing Relay Race and an educational interactive phishing themed game. This awesome social and collaborative week brings thousands of Canadians together to learn and create safer habits online. You can learn more about CLC Week event details here.

(PS: Make sure to register for the CLC Week Summit on December 12th so you don’t miss Bill Nye - yes that Bil Nye, who will be hosting a fun computer science-themed event).

A promotional image for Canada Learning Code Week 2020.

Developing the next generation of innovators

At TELUS Digital, we are looking at the next generation of innovators, developers, and engineers. We recently launched our Junior Developer Program, which provides junior developers the opportunity to join our team and be equipped with all the tools and training they need to succeed and reach their potential. Our goal is to grow and increase the diversity of skills at TELUS while providing a structured program (broken down into front end and back end areas of focus) to allow team members to grow long term careers at TELUS. Our instructors are all current TELUS Digital team members who take time out of their daily work schedule to help grow, nurture, and mentor these junior team members. We have also partnered with JUNO, General Assembly, and LightHouse Labs to provide us with the top talent as we continue to grow our teams and drive the digitization of TELUS.

As TELUS continues to strive towards fostering growth and innovation, we want to support local tech organizations who have the same passion for driving digital literacy within our communities. Canada Learning Code offers some great courses for young enthusiasts. You can learn how to get involved here.

There's still time to sign up for Canada Learning Code Week! Stay safe, both offline and online and we wish you a very bright, computer science-filled future!

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