NodeDay 2018: Simplifying the path to production

Development · Apr 24, 2018

TELUS Digital was created as a disruptor. Sometimes it’s hard to tell our story as a group embedded in a large organization. How do we move away from assumptions that we are “innovation theatre?” Or, how do we show prospective talent that our teams are moving at lightning speeds? At TELUS Digital, our speed, agility, and outputs are guided by one core mission: enable our customers and team members to do what they want, easily.


Our story isn’t just driven by the latest or coolest tech trends, but also by how we can get back to basics to simplify our path to production, making it easier for teams to deliver value to our customers. We disrupt on behalf of our customer. Working like a disruptor means putting the customer at the centre of what you do and being able to react quickly to what they need. We disrupt inefficient processes, platforms, and structures to ensure that the fundamental basics are being delivered, whether that is developing seamless apps for easier access to information or creating personalized experiences for each user as they land on our website. So far our team has integrated this thinking in several ways:

  • 1000+ customer validation sessions in ~5 years

  • 2 front-line huddles monthly & customer-to-customer events

  • 250,000+ customer survey responses integrated into the site annually 

  • Second-by-second voice-of-customer (VOC) insights 

  • Leverage various customer analytics tools to gain insight and drive experience improvements

These practices would not be possible without the set of technologies that make up our Digital Platform. The Digital Platform is comprised of five main components: Design, Data Intelligence, Content, API, and Delivery - each armed with their own arsenal of tools enabling teams to build and ship quickly. As we continue to expand our Digital Platform, we look towards our Reference Architecture to ensure that consistent customer experiences are being created. Node.js is one of the technologies we have successfully integrated into our practice to increase reusability, accelerate our time to market, and empower team members with the ability to code with the highest possible productivity.

“Our entire digital platform wouldn't have come to light if it wasn't for the innovation that happened in the industry as part of the node.js creation and the cascading effect it had on our industry and web technology” - Ahmad Nassri, Principal Architect

As advances in technology become more complex, the need to put the customer first is more important than ever. Our goal is to combine the best in technology and deliver better, more accessible products to our customers. On NodeDay in Toronto on May 2, my team and I will be speaking further on how this particular technology has simplified our path to production.

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Shawn Mandel
Former Chief Digital Officer
Shawn Mandel is the former Chief Digital Officer of TELUS. Shawn has a storied history in strategy, product and program development spanning almost 20 years.