What to expect when applying for a TELUS Digital Role

Culture · Apr 27, 2023

Creating a great candidate experience that highlights the values and culture of our Digital team helps us attract top talent that will not only bring an amazing skill set but will have a direct impact on the culture of our team. Throughout our interview process, we are asking questions that not only assess the candidate’s technical skills but assess how they would add to the culture of our team. We believe it’s important that our team members feel connected to our values and are willing to work together toward our mission. 
We recognize that during the interview process, the candidate is also evaluating us as a company and what it would be like to work with the hiring team. The goal of our interview process is to create a safe and positive experience that encourages candidates to share their past work experiences and feel comfortable enough to ask us questions. We want all candidates to finish their interview with an understanding of what it would be like to work at TELUS Digital, the hiring leader and team. 
There are key steps within our hiring process that are TELUS Digital specific. We not only want top talent to apply to our roles but want our candidates to be set up for success and enjoy the process. 

The Job Description

It is the first impression of TELUS Digital as a company, the role and the team that the candidate will be applying for. The intent of our job descriptions is to highlight what it would be like to be a part of the TELUS Digital team and how the role will directly impact our mission to make life easier for millions of customers. 
As a company, we pride ourselves on using inclusive neutral language and avoid the use of unrealistic terms such as  “unicorn” and “go-getter”. We want all candidates, of all abilities and backgrounds to apply for the role. 
When reading over the job description, all candidates should review the qualifications, the great to haves and how the role will have an impact. These sections will paint a picture of the technical skills and cultural add we are looking for in a candidate. 
What we as a company can offer is highlighted under the sections, what you can expect from us and we want to work with people who. It’s important to do additional research on
our values
and understand how the role will directly support the growth of our culture before the first interview. 

The Interview Process

Depending on the role there will be 3-4 rounds of interviews. The first is a phone screen with one of our Talent Primes. This interview will mainly focus on exploring why the candidate is looking for a new role, why they feel TELUS Digital is the right fit for them and check off that the basic technical skills are met.
Interviews 2-3 will be a combination of technical and cultural interview questions, done remotely via a Google Meet video link with the hiring leader and team. If the role is very technical in nature, there may also be a skills assessment or case study to complete before the final interview. 
Our hiring managers and interview committees are well-trained in how to ask technical and cultural questions throughout the interview process. We have chosen hiring teams based on how well they know the role and how well they represent TELUS Digital from a cultural perspective. 
To help eliminate bias, we have diverse interview panels at each stage of the process. This includes team members from the hiring team and team members from outside of the department. We believe having a diverse interview panel with team members that have different lived experiences, different backgrounds, speak different languages and are from underrepresented groups, will provide different viewpoints and observations. We are an inclusive and customer-focused company and take pride in showcasing these values during our interviews. 
In addition to diverse interview panels, we provide all candidates with the interview questions before each stage. Providing the questions beforehand allows candidates equal opportunity to showcase their experience and be prepared with examples of how they will be successful in the role. Most of us get nervous during interviews and we hope that by providing the interview questions beforehand, we can help eliminate any additional interview anxiety. 
A candidate is our customer during the interview, therefore we want to provide the best experience. Our goal is to have candidates feel comfortable and come prepared to share past work experiences that showcase both their technical and cultural skills. 
We understand that the dynamics of interviews have shifted since moving to a remote working style. With remote interviews, there are more distractions and less human connection. Therefore, it is so important that candidates and the hiring team have their videos on at all times during the interview. We understand that life can happen while interviewing remotely, and provide grace when interruptions do occur. The Internet can cut out, dogs can bark, kids can come into the screen, etc. Our interview team is fully accepting of these types of disruptions.
Our interview team will provide instructions upfront and will be taking notes. If a candidate has any questions or needs clarification on how a question should be answered, the interview team will provide grace and understanding. 


We keep candidates updated throughout the entire interview process and will be as transparent as possible. If we are interviewing other candidates before making a decision, we will let candidates know and provide a timeline. 
When a candidate isn’t successful, we will provide both constructive and positive feedback, if requested. We respect each candidate and how much time has been dedicated to the process. When a candidate is not successful, they will be treated with the same respect as a candidate with an offer. 
We believe that if we have created a good candidate experience, unsuccessful candidates will want to apply and go through the process again for another role or will recommend TELUS Digital to other job seekers. 
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