Digital Coffee with Jackson Murphy from Pound & Grain

Culture · Nov 7, 2019

At TELUS, it is our goal to ensure our customers have an enjoyable digital experience with our brand. Our goal could not be possible without a little help from our friends. We work with many partners and vendors to provide a seamless experience to our users. To capture the voices behind the scenes, we created our Digital Coffee series as a way to involve our team members. For the third installment of our series, we are sitting down with our partner/vendor, Pound & Grain.

They are a full-service digital agency that consists of a hardworking team of digital marketing and brand building specialists obsessed with creating campaigns, brands, websites and products that achieve business objectives and make people happy.

"Pound & Grain make it their mission to help their client present their true brand to the world. Over the years, Pound & Grain has worked with TELUS to create several seamless digital experiences for our customers such as TELUS Community Investment, TELUS IQ, TELUS Baby Health and TELUS STORYHIVE."

In our last Digital Coffee blog, we had a chance to catch up with Cam Lee, a technical lead at Pound & Grain. Today, we are sitting down with Jackson Murphy, Creative Director at Pound & Grain to chat about his recent projects.

Jackson Murphy, Creative Director at Pound & Grain

Tell me a little bit about yourself? 

I’m a creative director. Writer. Content nerd. Pop-culture enthusiast. 

What is your area of speciality? 

Content & Social. 

What project are you currently working on with TELUS Digital? 

While I oversee all creative at Pound & Grain, I've been most attached to Storyhive, Community Investment, and Ventures. 

What is the most unique or successful project you have worked on with TELUS Digital? 

I think the most unique project I've worked on was TELUS Stories. It was a storytelling experience for the things you didn't really know about TELUS. 

What marketing trends do you think will affect TELUS in 2020? 

While video is already an important tool in the marketing mix, the trend I think that is really exciting is the movement towards using video in every part of the user journey. Another trend, given TELUS' support for sports and culture, is eSports. A company like TELUS, is able to speak to the younger demographic in a meaningful way via sponsorship and social within the eSports space. This could be super exciting and certainly an evolution of how TELUS sees technology as being a part of a friendlier future

How have you seen TELUS Digital evolve throughout the years? 

It's been amazing to watch TELUS Digital go from a relatively small force to the driving force in how digital work is delivered for the organization and from partners like us. While challenging us with increasingly complex systems, its allowed partners to focus less on the things that don't matter and start to look more into content and storytelling. 

How do you continue to push the limits with the constant evolution of digital marketing and tech trends? 

Jump in and swim. If you've told me I'd be making Tik Tok videos of my dog a year ago, I'd give a shocked emoji face. But that's what's exciting, the tech trends (5G/Cameras) collide with storytelling evolution on new platforms and that's where the magic happens. 

What is your favorite part of your role and why? 

Being constantly challenged with new platforms, content ideas, and ways of sharing content make everyday fun. 

Thank you Jackson for sharing a little bit about yourself and Pound & Grain! This post is one of many collaborations with Pound & Grain coming to our blog so stay tuned for more. 

Authored by:
Sydney Carey
Marketing Specialist
Sydney Carey is a Marketing Specialist at TELUS Digital. Usually you can find her curating content with a large vanilla latte in hand or tuning into sports.