Digital Coffee with Cam Lee from Pound & Grain

Culture · Oct 3, 2019

At TELUS, our priority is creating a seamless digital experience for our customers. This would not be possible without the many partnerships and vendors we work with, which extend past the office walls. A few months ago, we introduced our Digital Coffee series as a way to add to the many voices at TELUS. Today, we are featuring our partner/vendor Pound & Grain in the second installment of our Digital Coffee series.

Pound & Grain is a full-service digital agency that consists of a hardworking team of digital marketing and brand building specialists obsessed with creating campaigns, brands, websites and products that achieve business objectives and make people happy. They make it their mission to help their client present their true brand to the world. Over the years, Pound & Grain has worked with TELUS to create several seamless digital experiences for our customers such as TELUS Community Investment, TELUS IQ, TELUS Baby Health and TELUS STORYHIVE. With more exciting projects coming up, we had a chance to chat with Cam Lee, a Technical Lead from Pound & Grain. 

Cam Lee

Tell me a little bit about yourself.

Hello! I’m Cameron Lee, I'm a Technical Lead at Pound & Grain. I'm an outdoorsy, active guy who writes code for a living.

What is your area of specialty? 

My area of specialty is front end development and UX. I would like to think that I am an expert at bringing designs to life and creating rich interactive experiences.

What project are you currently working on with TELUS Digital?

I am currently working on TELUS E.Know,  an e-learning web application used to train installers of fibre optic infrastructure.

What is the most unique or successful project you have worked on with TELUS Digital?

Probably the most unique TELUS project I have worked on is the current one I am developing (E.Know). Most of the TELUS projects I have worked on have been either consumer or corporate-focused, and it's been pretty cool to work on something that's going to be a really incredible learning resource for the people building out the new fibre optic infrastructure.

What marketing trends do you think will affect TELUS in 2020?

I think the trend that will most affect TELUS in 2020 is the rise of chatbots and voice activation/searching. There have been some really incredible leaps in the technology used to parse not only what users are saying, but the underlying meaning behind what they are saying. I think that starting in 2020 we are going to see the rise of more natural interfaces that users will be able to interact with via speech or via a natural conversion in a chat interface.

How have you seen TELUS Digital evolve throughout the years?

We have definitely witnessed the rise of the TELUS Digital team and their Digital Platforms. It's been pretty incredible to see the team and the platforms grow and be adopted throughout such a large organization. For me personally I primarily interact with the TELUS Digital Platforms and it has been really cool to see them move at the rapid pace of innovation within the technology space.

How do you continue to push the limits with the constant evolution of digital marketing and tech trends?

With every project we develop we are constantly trying to push the boundaries with what has been done on the TELUS digital platforms, whether it's finding a new way to express the TELUS digital branding or a new technical feature or integration that hasn't been done before. The idea of constant progression and evolution is something that's built into the core of our process.

What is your favourite part of your role and why?

My favourite part of my role is the fact that I get to bring digital products to life for our clients. We have been really fortunate to have great clients within TELUS, and hearing how excited our clients are when I train them on using their new sites is really rewarding. It's easy to get lost in the code, but this is always a very human touch point and it's very rewarding to hear and see how excited the project stakeholders are when their digital product is delivered to them.

Fun Fact: Pound & Grain is a proud member of SoDA, the world's leading digital advocacy group with over 90 members in 30 countries.

Thank you Cam Lee for sharing a little bit about yourself and Pound & Grain! This post is the first of many collaborations with Pound & Grain coming to our blog so stay tuned for more. 

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Cam Lee
Cam Lee
Developer at Pound & Grain
Cam Lee is a technical lead at our partner, Pound & Grain.
Sydney Carey
Marketing Specialist
Sydney Carey is a Marketing Specialist at TELUS Digital. Usually you can find her curating content with a large vanilla latte in hand or tuning into sports.