Digital Coffee with Mahedi Polara (Architech)

Culture · Dec 12, 2019

At TELUS, our team expands far beyond just our office walls. We work with many partners and vendors to ensure our customers have a seamless and enjoyable experience with our brand. We created our 
Digital Coffee series
as a way to capture the many voices behind our projects. In our latest installment, we are sitting down to catch up with our partner/vendor, Architech. 
 is a digital product studio specializing in Cloud-Native Application Development, User Experience Design, and Agile Engineering. They are a proud preferred partner of TELUS, and have been working with TELUS Digital since 2017. They have collaboratively delivered projects with TELUS Health, TELUS Rewards, and multiple teams within TELUS Digital. 
"Architech partners with clients on their digital transformation journeys by bringing together a Dream Team of Product Owners, Project Managers, Designers and Engineers"

Today, we had an opportunity to chat with Mahedi Polara, a Technical Solution Architect at Architech. Mahedi brings us behind the scenes about the projects he's working on with TELUS.
Headshot of Mahedi Polara

Tell me a little bit about yourself? 

At Architech specifically, I hold dual roles. Primarily, I’m a Technical Solution Architect (TSA), where I work in-house at TELUS.  I also act as Technical Partner within our Account Leadership Team. Outside of work, I spend a lot of my time woodworking.  

What is your area of specialty? 

I specialize in bridging the gap between business and tech. Helping us solve complex business problems by bringing technical solutions and excellence.  

What project are you currently working on with TELUS Digital? 

From a TSA perspective, there are a number of projects that I am currently involved with, including: 
  • Self-registration for business wireline customers 
  • Extending self-serve capability of My TELUS to business wireline customers 
  • Re-architecting personalized offers and promotions in My TELUS 
I’m also involved at the strategic level, with the rest of my Account Leadership Team, to help drive tech excellence and align our approach with both design and delivery. 
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What is your favorite part of your role and why? 

I’m motivated by being challenged with business problems that seem almost impossible to solve. At Architech, we believe in thinking big and doing what is right. Those values, in combination with the open and collaborative framework at TELUS, give me the permission to dissect the problem, bring big ideas to the table, and feel supported throughout the process. 

How do you continue to push the limits with the constant evolution of digital transformation? 

When you are surrounded by people who are not only giving their best but raising the bar to the next level, you are automatically in that mindset and start pushing the limit with them. I will give full credit to my teams, both at Architech and TELUS, as they are the ones that keep me on my toes. 

How have you seen TELUS Digital evolve throughout the years? 

It’s amazing to see the TELUS Digital team and their platform evolve so rapidly. I chalk that up to an open source model, built on transparency and collaboration. It really empowers everyone, including partners, to contribute and make it better for the entire community. This level of automation also abstracts away the technical challenges, so developers are enabled to focus on business problems.  It’s an exciting time to be at TELUS and to be part of this transformation.  

What is the most unique or successful project you have worked on with TELUS Digital? 

By far, modernizing the My TELUS landing (overview) page is the most successful project I’ve touched to date.  In a very short time it helped my team and I understand their lines of business as well as their stakeholders. But more than that, it was interesting to gain knowledge of their users, and improve the experience for millions (including consumers, businesses and corporate).  
Thank you Mahedi for sharing a little bit about yourself and Architech! This post is first of many collaborations with Architech coming to our blog so stay tuned for more. 
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Headshot of Mahedi Polara
Mahedi Polara
Technical Solution Architect at Architech
Mahedi is Technical Solution Architect at our partner, Architech. He is also the Technical Partner with the Account Leadership Team at Architech. Outside of work, he also enjoys woodworking.
Sydney Carey
Marketing Specialist
Sydney Carey is a Marketing Specialist at TELUS Digital. Usually you can find her curating content with a large vanilla latte in hand or tuning into sports.