Coming back after a career exploration

Culture · Dec 14, 2021

The path for personal growth is not always linear.

Many times in my life, I dusted off a personal project or an old blog post that made more sense to me now than when I first started. As we grow and mature, we develop a different perspective. We fight off any prejudice or cynicism that may we have picked up on the way. We shed, and we transform. For me, personal growth will always be tied with creativity, collaboration and passion. In the end, the destination is not what we savour but the journey we took. The steps seem logical at a glance, but only you know all the decisions you took to make it happen.

Under the label of Expectations, a straight line with arrow head pointing up and to the right. Beside it, a squiggly tangled line, also with an arrow head pointed in the same direction, under the label of Reality.

I remember leaving TELUS Digital in the summertime of 2020. It was five months into the global pandemic that had swept our world. As a contractor, I had been working at TELUS Digital for two and a half years. It had been a wonderful experience. I was the Senior Data Architect in the Analytics & Insight team, and I helped propel forward the personalization practice. I had the chance to meet wonderful coworkers, whom I now call my friends, travel to Berlin as part of a Hackathon, directly impacting customers’ experience, and build a small team of developers specializing in Analytics. It was an excellent chapter in my life that I look back fondly.

A large group of people sit in an office, listening to someone present using slides, a giant whiteboard labeled TELUS Digital along one wall

Photo: TELUS Digital 2018

The decision to leave TELUS was a hard one. You never get used to goodbyes. However, I had accomplished everything I set out to achieve, and an opportunity presented itself to work with a large Canadian insurance company. At Economical, I looked at different parts of the business. I helped identify opportunities to migrate legacy systems to the Cloud. It was an incredible learning opportunity, and I can confidently say that I understand the world of re-insurance, thank you Michael!

As my contract was ending and I was evaluating my next adventure, I heard a calling. It was a familiar voice. TELUS Digital was looking for their next Principal Architect. The role of the Principal Architect had always been a role I admired because it had the potential and the history of being a tremendous positive catalyst in digital transformation. It had been previously held by people I respected, and I saw the possibility of a future with me in that role for the first time. Coming back to TELUS Digital was aligned with my career growth. It is a place where creativity, collaboration and passion can be fostered and nurtured. I wish to contribute my part by disambiguating technical complexity, fostering a customer-first approach and building a solid and collaborative engineering culture. TELUS Digital has given me a great opportunity that I welcome with gratitude and ambition.

Here is to personal growth, may your path never been linear, may you always be curious and may you always be grateful.

Authored by:
Gonzalo Vazquez
Principal Archtect
Leads the Digital Platform and Service teams by shaping the vision of the developer experience and the digitization of customer-facing web and mobile applications.