Creating better customer experiences with the TELUS Brand Resource Centre

Content and Design · Mar 20, 2023

From our social purpose to cute critters, the TELUS brand is iconic. An internal Brand Resource Centre (BRC) is just one of the ways our team members can find everything they need to deliver on our brand promise. Alongside our Brand Office, Centres of Excellence, Digital Review Boards and practitioner communities, the BRC helps set our TELUS team members and vendor partners up for success.

Let’s look at how the Brand Resource Centre helps deliver better customer experiences and how the Standards and Resources team makes sure using the portal itself is a good experience.

Better customer experiences

Having a Brand Resource Centre that team members can reference helps ensure brand consistency across all customer touchpoints. By creating standards for accessibility, we make sure our websites, apps and products are inclusive of all our customers.

Better team member experiences 

We need to follow our own best practices to make sure the BRC is reliable for users, who are TELUS team members and partners. Some ways we do this is fully translating content for our French-speaking users and making sure the content is easy to read.

We have an always-on survey on our homepage to collect feedback. We also identified key ways we can improve after conducting an Information Architecture audit, stakeholder and user research. 


The Brand Resource Centre houses standards, tools, templates, and more for TELUS, TELUS Agriculture, TELUS Business, TELUS Digital and TELUS Health. With thousands of team members working across Canada and the world, we need to make sure we’re collaborating with stakeholders to make sure the information on our Brand Resource Centre is updated and accurate. 

Subject matter experts across many areas such as print, video, social media, content, design, SEO, accessibility create standards for best-in-class experiences to our customers. 

A Brand Resource Centre is perfect for centralizing your brand standards and guidelines. This consistency helps build on-brand experiences and products, especially useful for larger organizations.

However, you need to build awareness and make the platform easy to use in order for your team members to actually use it. By keeping it updated and a reliable source of truth, your teams will naturally continue to use it. 

Authored by:
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Róisín Nestor
Senior Content Strategist
One of Róisín's favourite parts of her role is simplifying content and making user experiences more accessible.