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Content and Design · Sep 19, 2019

I joined TELUS Digital as a content writer on the B2B tribe at the end of January 2019.  As content writers, our role involves creating seamless experiences for TELUS customers using language that is clear, friendly, and concise while organizing our efforts around customer journeys.

The content practice is part of a larger holistic customer experience strategy, where the vision is to be contextual, personalized and connected across all touchpoints that a user might interact with. Our goal is to always deliver value via meaningful experiences.

We’re responsible for crafting thoughtful interface copy that helps users complete the task at hand, easily. We work alongside product owners, designers, development, testing, analytics, and marketing teams, while also representing our content interests to various members at TELUS. 

Content practitioners play different roles from tribe to tribe. Some teams work with content writers to produce quality content that’s aligned with our Brand and Content Standards, others have content managers who work directly within our Content Management System (CMS) and platforms, while some play a strategic role offering content direction in the business planning process. 

My role as a content writer on the B2B tribe is to support the business customer base on My TELUS, which aims to serve existing customers via a self-serve portal, as well as writing for the Sales and Marketing team, which focuses on the website. I’ve been working with both groups by crafting creative copy and offering direction and strategic insights. 

My TELUS is used by existing business customers who can login to the portal and self-serve, which means that constant updates and releases are required to ensure the best customer experience possible.  Our aim is for customers to be able to complete a higher number of transactions quicker, easier, and at their own convenience.

I play a role in understanding our user behaviour and intention, while working closely with product owners and designers to craft product-oriented copy and experiences that feel simple, intuitive and transparent. 

The Overview team on My TELUS launched a complete redesign of the self-serve tool’s landing page back in July 2018. The main goal was to enable users to find the right information at the right time, to drive the next best action. The guiding principles behind the release were performance, web retention, and extensibility. 

The opportunity presented itself for the team to leverage the highly-trafficked space and work closely with marketing stakeholders to launch offers and digital adoption campaigns relevant to the user. This feature allowed content writers across TELUS Digital to build omni-channel copy that is creative, consistent in messaging and strategy, and presents customers with appealing deals and discounts at exactly the right moment.  

Offers - Blog Image

(Image: three offers displayed on the Overview page)

Since the launch of the redesigned Overview page, offers have been performing really well, with an average click-through rate (CTR) of 0.8% and a 3.6% conversion rate (CVR) for the month of September. Relative to industry benchmarks of 0.6% CTR and 0.72% CVR for display ads, offers are tracking well above average. We’ve also seen more than half of My TELUS users scroll down the page to view their active offers. Their success and exposure resulted in a larger number of teams across TELUS including Home Services, Business Wireline, Consumer Wireless and SBS showing interest in displaying their campaigns as an opportunity to expand their reach and communicate with their existing customers.


(Image: Heatmap showing scroll reach on the Overview page)

As we continue to understand how our users behave, the work is also developing to implement best practices and data-driven strategies with the purpose of exceeding user expectations, and yielding better conversions. 

While My TELUS serves existing TELUS users, the Sales and Marketing team focuses simultaneously on prospective customers as well as existing ones.

In April, the B2B Sales and Marketing team launched Phase 1 of the Information Architecture (IA)/Navigation rebuild on These updates were put in place to make it easier for TELUS business customers to find the products and solutions they’re searching for. The main goal was to reduce friction between product findability and ease of navigation. 

After conducting stakeholder interviews, usability testing, content audits, sitemap creation, tree testing, and migration, the IA team released Phase 1 of the new The first phase included updating and streamlining the navigation for each product category in order to simplify the user journey, using clear language and improving readability, as well as updating, removing or consolidating pages to further improve and tidy the online experience.

The analytics team has been tracking performance on the newly launched pages, providing insight into how users navigate our website, and following the impact these changes have made. 

Since the launch, results have shown an increase in visits from the navigation to core product pages, and our Google unbranded rank performance has improved on core products such as Security Systems & Cloud Phone. 

The Mobility category’s navigation options were decluttered, narrowing the menu down from 16 to 10 items. Peace of Mind was added to the navigation under a more user-friendly name: Business Plans - as testing proved that while customers are searching for a product or service, they may not necessarily always be familiar with our brand names, deterring them from finding what they’re actually looking for.

Peace of Mind / Business Plan’s visits from the navigation increased by 34% pts, leads went up by +8, and  page visits were up by +142. Showing that decluttered navigation categories, user-friendly top level labels, naming and language, and an increased prominence for high priority products are all contributing to a more successful user journey and experience on 

These key learnings are the drivers behind the decision making process for the second phase of the IA project set to launch later this year.

Developing a customer-centric mentality, and user testing alongside key insights and learnings are the layering foundations behind writing good content. The aim is to anticipate user needs, and get rid of any complexities they may face, so that their experiences become instant, personalized and delightful.

As the content practice continues to grow at TELUS Digital, often times our roles become blurred, and we are encouraged to offer support where needed. Having an open mind and stepping up and away from rigid and scripted job descriptions makes each day working here more unique than the one before, and arms us with an ever morphing set of skills that we get to put into practice daily. 

Working in close proximity to the latest technology provides us with an opportunity to keep pushing the boundaries. We use a balanced formula of expertise and experimentation to make content magic happen. We use data to support our IA hypothesis, and clear language on our pages. We simplify navigation labels so that they can resonate with our customers and ensure that their journeys are as smooth as can be. 

We are always aiming to be as innovative as possible in the way we present offers to our customers, and personalize them based on segments and targets. We can continuously aim to win at conversion rate optimization by understanding our users’ problems, and working to solve them. Testing copy and design, and measuring performance are part of the thinking process behind content writing - so that we always deliver what our customers need. 

Content is an opportunity to connect and communicate with our users. It’s our chance to build loyalty and trust among the people we interact with. Our job is to personify the TELUS brand and make sure that we are mindful in the way we connect with our customers. If our writing comes across as reliable, helpful, caring and true, honest and responsive, then we are doing our job well.

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Jeeda Masoud
Jeeda Masoud
Content Writer
Jeeda Masoud is a digital content writer at TELUS Digital, blogger, and copywriter. When she's not writing away, she's most likely lost in the pages of a new book, or discovering the next sunny destination.