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Rethink your approach to cyber security: This TELUS customer shows you how

Security · Jan 22, 2021

Protecting your organization is tough and today’s environment doesn’t make it any easier. It starts with having cyber security expertise in place, but finding and affording a full-time security dedicated resource can seem impossible for some Canadian organizations, particularly SMBs. The shortage of skilled resources makes talent hard to find and expensive to keep. Organizations know they still need to find a way to monitor and respond to security alerts on a 24/7 basis in order to protect themselves and their customers.

That’s why Patricia Sagert, IT Manager at City of Fort St. John in British Columbia, decided to take a different approach to cyber security: TELUS Managed Detection & Response (MDR). For much less than the cost of hiring a full-time dedicated security resource, the TELUS MDR service was able to cut through security alert noise for Patricia’s team and provide the rapid response to security alerts that they were looking for.

Managing alerts in today’s complex environment

Patricia and her team are not alone in trying to sort through high security alert volumes. Today’s cyber threat landscape is complex and ever-evolving. And many organizations have noted an increase in the volume of security alerts they're seeing. This increase has made it apparent that without a shift in approach, managing and responding to security threats isn't scalable.

The alert volume challenge is compounded by the expansion of our threat surface through accelerated digital transformation, cloud adoption and the increased risk with remote work. Many organizations have had to rapidly implement some of these changes to meet evolving business needs, which means the changes they made should now be revisited to ensure they're secure.

It's no wonder more organizations are now evaluating an MDR service to boost their cyber security operations.In fact, according to Gartner Research, it is estimated that by 2024 more than 90% of businesses looking to outsource to security service providers will focus on threat detection and response services.

Rethink your approach with MDR

MDR offers a unique combination of technology and people skills that delivers the advanced threat detection, rapid incident mitigation, global threat intelligence, detailed threat analytics, and active response to security threats that organizations need. Its purpose is to not just detect threats, but to mitigate and contain them quickly. In the event of a security incident, MDR can help your organization return to business as usual quickly without having to sort through numerous alerts in search of the underlying security issue.

With TELUS Managed Detection & Response, you get access to:

  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence: Continuously searches for suspicious activity while sophisticated analytics work to identify threats before they compromise your network.

  • Protection for your endpoint, network and cloud environments: Monitor and protect your organization everywhere you do business.

  • Active response for imminent and high-alert threats: Reduce the business impact of an attack by enabling TELUS Cyber Security expert analysts to actively respond to and eliminate cyber threats without delay on a 24x7 basis.

  • User friendly portal with actionable alerts: Provides your team with quick access to real-time security information and notifications outlining proactive steps to address risks to your environment.

As the IT Manager for the city of Fort St. John, Patricia is not a hands-on cyber security expert and often relies on her team to keep on top of security matters. When she did dive-in to the TELUS MDR portal herself, she was impressed by how user-friendly and simple it was to read and respond to security alerts.

“I decided to explore the MDR portal for myself after seeing my team use it, and the directions provided within the real-time alert reports were easy to follow – even for me.”

TELUS MDR: “Worth every penny…”

TELUS MDR enables organizations to take a different approach to managing cyber security alerts.

By maximizing current security investments, improving security posture, and freeing up employees to focus on other high priority areas of business, organizations that choose TELUS MDR are seeing its worth in no time at all.

“To me and my team, TELUS MDR is worth every penny.”
- Patricia Sagert, IT Manager, City of Fort St. John #MDR

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Authored by:
Aurélien Parment