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Help your employees to securely work remotely

Security · Apr 8, 2020

During these unprecedented times, companies across Canada, including TELUS, are doing everything possible to keep their businesses productive and appropriately secured, especially given the overnight growth in their remote workforce.

As the situation evolves, TELUS continues to support both our team members and the community by maintaining reliable services for Canadians across the country while enabling more of our team members to work from home.

Many organizations are going through the process of rolling out a work from home program, including providing laptops, increasing capacity for secure network connections, vetting new collaboration tools and more. However, as we all sort out the technical aspects, it’s important to keep focus on employees, many of whom may feel overwhelmed, concerned and unsure of how to navigate their new remote worker reality.

To help make the work from home transition a bit easier and keep security top of mind, share these tips with your team. They are designed to encourage employees to be mindful of security as they work to establish new daily at-home routines. These tips are also available as a downloadable desktop wallpaper!

1. Connect to your network securely

Follow organizational guidance to access the network securely. Use a VPN if available.

2. Use approved collaboration tools and cloud services

Unapproved apps could expose you to malware and lead to sensitive information being shared with external parties.

3. Back up your data regularly

Ensure that you regularly back up your critical data on corporate servers in order to minimize the damage of a potential cyber-attack.

4. Be vigilant about phishing

Show extra caution around messages with click-bait titles, as phishing attempts taking advantage of the latest global headlines are on the rise. Report any suspicious emails, text messages and phone calls immediately to your security team.

5. Check for updates to your remote working policies

Make sure you review and understand policies regarding working from home, remote access, passwords, and incident response of a potential cyber-attack.

Encourage your employees to keep up to date with the latest COVID-19-related guidance and information, through reputable sources like the Government of Canada - and Canadian Centre for Cyber Security.

Remember, we are in this together. As you work to find the balance between business continuity and supporting employees as they #stayhome and work remotely, the TELUS Cyber Security team is here and ready to provide you with support and assistance. 

#staysafe #staysecure

Click here to download and share the Working remotely - securely desktop wallpaper.

Authored by:
Morgan Smith