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Instantly browse via the on Demand button on your Optik remote

Get curated suggestions and discover new shows and movies

Enjoy full seasons of the most loved TV shows of all time, depending on your plan


Watch at home or on the go on your tablet or smartphone

Free TV - Shows

Free TV On Demand, included in your subscription

  • Enjoy popular series and new episodes of shows like The Big Bang Theory for free regardless of your plan
  • Sample premieres of new series
  • Catch shows you didn't get a chance to see or record on your PVR
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Shows Shows

Movies to rent

  • Access everything from the latest blockbusters to popular favourites
  • Have up to 48 hours to watch each rental
  • Watch trailers and extended free previews before you rent
  • Save tons of time browsing trending titles we've curated for you
  • Enjoy special offers like $1 movie of the week
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Movies to buy

  • Get early access to the biggest movies of the year and watch them again and again
  • Buy new movies like Star Wars: The Force Awakens weeks before they are available to rent
  • Build your own movie collection library of titles
  • Own them for as long as you're an Optik subscriber. No extra PVR space required.
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Kids Zone

Kids Zone

Safely browse and search for suitable On Demand shows according to age group.

  • Save time by accessing all of the best children's and family content in one place
  • Choose from top channels like Treehouse, YTV, Disney JR and BBC Kids
  • Enjoy access to curated and trending kids content
  • Watch hit movies like Inside Out and Alvin and the Chipmunks
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Optik on the go

Watch On Demand TV shows, movies and kids programming on your smartphone, tablet, or browser with the Optik on the go app

  • Watch your favourite On Demand series or catch the latest movies, with many titles to choose from
  • Order a movie through your TV and watch it on the go on your smartphone or tablet
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