Unlink your Apple TV from TELUS

How to unlink Apple TV from TELUS

You can unlink your Apple TV from TELUS in case you are planning to give it to a family member or friend and don’t want the new Apple TV owner to access your TV subscription.

This is if you purchased an Apple TV via Easy Pay or as a one-time purchase and you had or still have a TV subscription with TELUS. Once you unlink, the new Apple TV owner will not be automatically logged into TELUS’ Pik TV app.

How to unlink?

To unlink the Apple TV from your TELUS account, simply call TELUS at 1-888-811-2323 and let the agent know that you would no longer want your purchased Apple TV to be linked to your TELUS account.

Note: A factory reset on the Apple TV will not unlink the hardware from TELUS. So, it is important that you unlink it from TELUS to prevent anyone else from accessing your TV subscription.

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