Track mobile data usage using My TELUS

View usage in My TELUS and learn about additional charges

Track mobile data with the My TELUS app

  1. Download and log in to the My TELUS app
  2. Data usage highlights appear on the Overview screen
  3. Select the Usage tab for a detailed breakdown of your account’s usage

Track mobile data with My TELUS

  1. Log in to My TELUS
  2. Select Usage

  3. Meters will display a usage summary for the current billing cycle for data, airtime, and messaging

  4. Select Usage records to see a daily summary

  5. In the daily view, select a column heading to sort by that column
  6. Select the + to the right of any row to see a detailed breakdown of the days usage

  7. Select Previous Cycle or 2 months ago headings to see past usage details

  8. Use the drop down menu beside Show to see only specific types of usage

What you need to know

  • Usage summaries may not be available to subscribers in some provinces
  • While data usage notifications are close to real-time, usage meters can be delayed by up to 6 hours. Share plans will reflect each person’s usage at various times and are subject to the same delays. All usage information is an approximate; please refer to your invoice for final charges

Additional data charges

Additional data charges may vary depending on which Mobility plan you are on. Visit Understanding additional data charges for more details.

How data usage is reported

When reviewing your data usage, you may see instances where multiple "chunks" of data appear to have been consumed at the same time.

The time indicated is when the data session began. But in a single session, you may have incurred multiple instances of data usage. For example:

  • You may have watched a video, then left for a few minutes before watching another video
  • You may have set up a personal hotspot, then the device that's tethered to yours used some data

When such instances happen within a single session, the data usage chart will show several instances of data usage, all with the same start time.

Also, sometimes when larger amounts are data are consumed, the reporting may be split into smaller segments. For example if a video consumed 7.2 MB of data, you may see it reported as 5 MB and 2.2 MB, with the same start time.

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