Information on the TELUS Rewards program

Program information

What is the TELUS rewards program?

The TELUS Rewards Program is a free program that allows members to earn points that can be redeemed towards rewards in our catalogue.

Please note that this program is completely separate from the TELUS Rewards program that involves the CIBC TELUS Rewards Visa.

Is it free to join this program?

There is no fee to join this program.

Who can participate?

TELUS is rolling out a new pilot rewards program in select communities. We will notify our customers once they are eligible for this program.

What are the privacy and communication rules?

Visit TELUS Privacy Policy for details.

Can I opt-out of this program?

Yes, you may cancel your rewards account by calling a TELUS representative.

Earning points

How do I earn points?

You can earn points in many ways. Once enrolled, you can earn one-time bonus points in addition to monthly points.

Monthly points:

  • 1 pt for every $50 spent on your TELUS home services
  • 2 pts for consolidating your TELUS mobility account

One-time bonus offers:

  • 10 pts just for being a TELUS customer when you log into your account for the first time.
  • 20 pts each year on your rewards anniversary

What counts as monthly TELUS home services?

You earn 1 point for every $50 spent on your monthly TELUS internet, tv or home phone service(s). This includes your monthly recurring charge and any overages, pay-per-use, video on demand and features.

Why do points have a decimal?

There is no minimum spend required to earn points. Your invoice can be less than $50, and you can still participate in the program. You can treat the points as currency in our rewards catalogue, as we want to ensure you maximize your monthly earning potential. You can think of the decimals as cents that will help you earn more points each month.

How do I know how many points I've earned?

See your points balance in your TELUS Rewards accountwhich can be accessed in My Account.

How long does it take for points to be awarded to my account?

Points can take up to one month to appear on your account.

Do my points expire?

Points only expire if your account is suspended or cancelled. After 90 days of suspension or cancellation, your points history will be lost. Please see the TELUS Rewards terms and conditions for more information.

I have paperless billing, why don't I earn points?

Thank you for signing up for paperless billing. This bonus offer is only available to customers that don't already have paperless billing.

I have pre-authorized payments, why don't I earn points for that?

Thank you for signing up for pre-authorized payments. This bonus offer is only available to customers that don't already have pre-authorized payments.


What can I get for my points?

See the available rewards on the catalogue page in your TELUS Rewards account, which can be accessed in My Account.

How long does it take to receive my reward?

It depends on the reward. Most rewards do not need to be shipped, therefore it should take between 24-72 hours for your reward to be sent to your email or added to your account. An estimate is provided with each individual reward description.

What happens if I didn't receive my reward?

Double check that you properly redeemed your reward by checking your TELUS Rewards account which can be accessed in My Account. If you still have problems, please contact a TELUS representative.

Do I have to pay for shipping?

If a reward is being shipped to you, TELUS will cover the cost of shipping.

Can I pay the difference between the reward amount and my points balance?

Sorry but you can only redeem rewards using your points.

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