How to return a Bring-It-Back™ device

For the Exclusive Partner Program (EPP)

Step 1: Check the device condition

In order for a device to be considered eligible for return it must meet the following 6 criteria. If it does not meet the criteria you will need to pay the Bring-It-Back™ Program Amount.

  • Device must power on and navigate properly to the home screen
  • The activation lock must be turned off
  • The LCD must function correctly and be free of dead spots or bruising
  • The screen must be undamaged and free of cracks
  • The rest of the device must be undamaged with no cracks, missing parts or signs of water damage (hinges, keypad, housing, buttons, battery, etc.)
  • All information must be wiped

Take advantage of the TELUS Device Checkup app to check your device condition.

Have a damaged device? Check your warranty coverage and repair options.

Step 2: Back up the device

All information will be wiped from the device after it’s returned. So make sure you backup the device.

Don’t know how to back up your device? Here are some helpful resources:

Step 3: Return the device

As a TELUS Exclusive Partner Program member, you can request a Bring-It-Back™ return mailer by contacting TELUS client care so we can inspect your device condition and complete your return.

To request a prepaid Bring-It-Back™ return mailer, please call 1-844-888-4440 (choose option 1). A customer service representative will schedule the delivery of a Canada Post prepaid mailer with instructions on how to pack your device.

Once the return mailer process is initiated, we will put a temporary hold on your Bring-It-Back amount and it will clear the hold until we receive your device. This will allow you to continue with your upgrade online within 1-2 hours.

Please send the device within 14 days of receiving this shipping package to clear your Bring-It-Back amount. If we do not receive your device within the allotted period, your full Bring-It-Back amount will be charged on your next bill.

Upgrade your device

After returning your Bring-It-Back™ device, consider upgrading to one of the latest eligible devices and unlock additional hardware discounts through your Exclusive Partner Program membership benefits.

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