Record an episode or series on Satellite TV

How to set up recordings on your PVR and create timer preferences

Set up recordings on your PVR

  1. Press Guide on your remote control
  2. Select the show you want to record
  3. Press Record on your remote control. The Create Timer screen will display
  4. Highlight each desired preference (see below) then press SELECT. A green dot will appear next to your choice
  5. Select Create Timer , then press SELECT

Create timer preferences

You can create timer preferences with Satellite TV. Timer preferences include:

  • PVR The program will record in the background while you watch another program
  • Auto tune The PVR automatically tunes to the channel at the scheduled recording time
  • Reminder A reminder pops up on your screen as the program is about to air
  • All Episodes Record every episode of the program, new or not, going forward
  • New Episodes Record all new episodes of the program
  • Once Records only the occurrence of this program that you selected in the guide
  • Weekly Records the program every week. The day and time are taken from the program you selected
  • Daily Records the program every day, at the day and time you selected in the guide
  • Mon-Fri Records the program Monday to Friday, at the day and time you selected in the guide

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