PureFibre overage charges explained

Information about data overage charges and your PureFibre Internet service

Additional Internet usage rates

If you exceed your monthly usage allowance, we will automatically provide you with additional data buckets of 50GB as needed. Our charges for additional data are among the lowest in Canada:

  • First 50GB bucket: $5
  • Subsequent 50GB buckets: $10
  • Monthly maximum: $45

Any unused portion of your last data bucket will expire at the end of your billing cycle. Your data usage will be reset to zero and your regular monthly usage allowance will apply.

You can also subscribe to unlimited Internet data for $15 per month.

Monthly data allowances

TELUS Internet plan Monthly data allowance
Internet 250/250 1024 GB
Internet 25/25 150 GB
Internet 150 1024 GB
Internet 100 550 GB
Internet 50 450 GB
Internet 25 300 GB
Internet 15 200 GB
Internet 6 150GB
Internet 1 80 GB

Avoiding overage charges

Most likely, you are already on an appropriate Internet plan. But if you are nearing or exceeding your monthly limits, see below for information.

Manage your usage

First, ensure you’ve taken these basic precautions:

  • Ensure your Wi-Fi is password-protected. This will prevent neighbours and others from using any of your monthly data allowance
  • Install anti-virus / anti-spam software
  • Turn off streaming music and video when not in use

Increasing your data allowance

If, after taking the above steps, you find you still need more data, you can:

  • Use your TELUS My Account to upgrade and get a free month of unlimited data
  • Subscribe to unlimited Internet data for $15 per month
  • If you need additional help call us at 1-844-372-8559
  • For more tips, see Manage your PureFibre data usage

Why these charges?

When it comes to Internet access, TELUS has always prided itself on offering customers some of the fastest home Internet plans available in Canada, with the largest monthly data allowance per plan – in some cases two or three times bigger than plans offered by our competitors.

Thanks to these large monthly data allowances, the vast majority of our Internet customers (more than four out of five customers) stay within their monthly data allowance. However, a small number of customers regularly exceed their monthly data allowance, and while TELUS’s Internet plans have always had thresholds, historical consumer data usage patterns have not required us to apply any fees for those customers who exceed their allowance.

As high speed networks have evolved, however, the consumption of video over the Internet has dramatically increased. Further, much of this consumption is being driven by a minority of our customers. In fact, less than 5% of our Internet customers are consuming 25% of the data on our network in any given month. This has required us to reconsider our approach to ensure we continue offering a smooth and seamless Internet experience for all customers.

Accordingly, TELUS is applying clear and simple usage-based Internet charges for customers who go over the data allowance in their home Internet data plans.

These usage charges have been designed to ensure the amount a customer pays for Internet service reflects their actual data consumption. You pay for what you use. Most TELUS customers are already on an Internet plan that meets their data usage needs, and will not incur an additional charge.

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