Mobility bill terminology

Learn about common terminology that appear on your mobility bill

Here are some of the common terms you’ll find on your TELUS mobility bill.

  1. Bill Date: This is the final day of your billing period

  2. Account number: You will need to use this number to make a payment, to register for My Account and for any account inquiries

  3. Savings Box: Total savings for all of your services for this billing period (if applicable)

  4. Balance owing from your last bill: Any unpaid balance from your previous months bill

  5. New charges: Current monthly charges for your mobile services, other charges and credits such as 911 fees and all applicable taxes

  6. Total due: Your total new charges (including applicable taxes), any balance owing from your last bill and late payment charges (if applicable). Payments are due upon receipt

  7. Partial charges: This section will only appear when partial charges have been applied to your account. Partial charges are incurred if your activation date is earlier than your bill date or if you made any changes to your services

  8. Monthly and other charges: Details about your monthly rate plan, as well as any features and additional services

  9. Add-ons: Any additional services and/or features that were not included in your monthly rate plan. This may include items such as long distance minutes, roaming passes, etc.

  10. Usage charges: Charges for usage that exceed the total included in your rate plan (if applicable). This may include additional talk time, text and data usage

Additional terms you may see

  • Device Balance: Your current Device Balance based on the discount you received for your device
  • Partial monthly rate plan charge: Includes the days from the activation date to the first bill cycle close date
  • Monthly rate plan charge: (Billed in Advance) Monthly charge for the rate plan chosen
  • Partial allotment of included airtime: Included airtime is prorated

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