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Change the battery on your AlarmForce legacy panel

Step-by-step instructions for changing the battery on your AlarmForce legacy panel

The battery for your AlarmForce legacy panel may need replacing if the red light located on the panel is flashing.

To request a new battery, please contact us. Once delivered to your address, follow the steps below.

  1. Turn off and disconnect the power for the panel
  2. Remove the panel lid to the battery
  3. Remove the used lead-acid battery by detaching the white clip. Connect the new lead-acid battery using the same white clip
  4. Insert the battery into the panel. Put the excess wires to the side of the battery
  5. Re-attach the panel lid
  6. Turn the panel back on
  7. Test whether the replacement is successful by arming and disarming the panel. If the panel no longer says "low system battery," the replacement is successful
  8. Please dispose of the used lead-acid battery by contacting your local battery recycling programs

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