Get real-time updates on your car’s health and security with TELUS Drive+.

It’s never been easier to drive safely. Notifications about your car’s health and safety issues allow you to rest easy and enjoy more of the open road.

Get notified if there’s something wrong with your car.

From low battery alerts to vehicle errors, you’ll receive smart notifications, allowing you to address those issues right away.

Feel confident knowing your vehicle is secure.

You’ll feel better knowing you can track your car’s location at any time, and get notified if a disturbance is detected.

Make safe driving easy.

Track driving behaviours, including harsh braking. Drivers can use this information to improve their habits and enjoy better maintenance of all vehicles.

Introducing RoadScore™️

It’s easier than ever to drive safely with RoadScore™️.

Data and insights help improve your driving behaviour

We use three indicators to help generate your RoadScore, which includes harsh braking, rapid acceleration and speeding.


Easily monitor your performance

You'll receive a new RoadScore after every trip, so you can see exactly where unsafe behaviours occured and make easy adjustments on your future trips.


Enjoy real-world benefits that go beyond safety

You’ll save money on fuel, minimize the wear and tear on your vehicle and maximize your car’s resale value by keeping it in great shape.


TELUS Drive+ features

Battery and fuel alerts

Get notified when your battery and fuel levels are running low.

Vehicle health

Get engine updates and error codes to find out what’s wrong with your vehicle.

Disturbance monitoring

Get notified in the event your car is bumped or damaged when you’re not there.

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Drive Smarter with TELUS Drive+

Learn about the main TELUS Drive+ features

How to get started with TELUS Drive+

Step 1

See if TELUS Drive+ is compatible with your car. Most vehicles made after 1996 will have an OBD‑II port to plug the TELUS Drive+ device into. Search for your car using the drop-down menu.

Step 2

Download the TELUS Drive+ app.

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Step 3

Plug your TELUS Drive+ device into your car’s OBD‑II port and start driving your connected car.

Add Drive+ to your Peace of Mind™️ Connect Plan for $0.

If you’re an existing Peace of Mind™️ Connect customer, you can add Drive+ to your plan at no extra cost and enjoy endless data on all connected devices.

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