Tangram Factory Smart Rope

The evolution of a cardio workout classic.


Factory Smart Rope LED Jump Rope

Chrome Tangram Jump Rope Top Down View








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Rope Length

Small: 96in (243cm), Medium: 102in (258cm), Large: 108in (274cm)


Small: 301 g, Medium: 308 g, Large: 314 g


Bluetooth 4.0 to connect to mobile app


Long lasting rechargeable lithium ion battery


23 embedded in rope

What's in the Box

Tangram Factory Smart Rope LED Jump Rope, zippered nylon pouch, quick start guide


Instagram Looks

See how the Tangram Jump Rope is being used

Jump-Start Your Cardio Routine

Track your workout as you jump with real-time data displays in mid-air. LED’s light up your progress to keep you motivated.

  • Records Jump Count

    Proprietary magnetic sensors accurately track each jump and download data to the Smart Gym Pro app on your mobile device.

  • Mid-Air Jump Displays

    23 LED’s embedded in the rope display your fitness data in mid-air as you jump.

  • Mobile App Makes Cardio More Fun

    Bluetooth 4.0 links to the mobile app connecting you to friends, interval training programs, and other fitness apps.

Smart Gym App

Track Workout Data and Train Smarter


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