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Help your patients get the help they need.

LivingWell Companion is a medical alert service that can provide your patients with access to 24/7 emergency support in the event of a fall or medical emergency.
First 2 months at $0¹
Optional automatic fall detection³
24/7 professional monitoring
No upfront costs or term contract

LivingWell Companion Go

Help your patients feel more confident and protected both inside and outside of their home, with automatic fall detection³, built-in GPS² and 24/7 professional monitoring.Download factsheet
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LivingWell Companion go product preview

LivingWell Companion Home

Help your patients and their loved ones have greater peace of mind while at home with 24/7 professional monitoring and optional automatic fall detection³.Download factsheet
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LivingWell Companion Home with fall detection device

What’s included
Emergency help button
Automatic fall detection³
24/7 monitoring
Water resistant
Built-in GPS²
LivingWell Companion Go
Indoor/outdoor across Canada²
LivingWell Companion Home
Indoor only

How it works

Emergency alert received

LivingWell Companion is designed to alert our trained operators when the emergency button is pressed or when the built-in fall detection feature¹ (if equipped) automatically detects a fall.

Operator confirms emergency

When the alert is received, our trained operators will immediately attempt to contact the customer to confirm the emergency status prior to initiating the emergency protocol.

Family or friends contacted

If the customer cannot be reached or an emergency is confirmed, the trained operator first contacts up to 3 family and/or friends.

Emergency services contacted

If family or friends are unavailable or if the situation warrants, a trained operator will then contact emergency services.

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