Device preview of the LivingWell Companion Go

LivingWell Companion™ Go

  1. Cellular signal strength indicator
  2. Battery indicator (surrounds the call button)
  3. Call button initiates two-way communication
  4. Speaker to hear your response team
  5. Microphone allows response team to hear you

Optional waist clip

Wear the LivingWell Companion Go on your belt with the optional detachable waist clip.

Waist clip that attaches to the LivingWell Companion Go
Man gardening with Companion go on his belt


Wear your Companion Go as an easy access pendant or with the detachable belt clip.

Bed nightstand with Companion Go charging

Built-in battery

A single charge of the Companion Go pendant lasts up to 36 hours, based on activity, cellular coverage and talk time.

Elderly man piggy-back carrying his grandchild by the water shore


Don't let a little rain get you down. With water-resistance, you can rest easy if your Companion Go gets wet.