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Keeping your cool during COVID-19

When confronted by an ill-tempered person, particularly when we’re not in the best of moods ourselves, there’s a greater risk of reacting impulsively. Discover a few tips for managing difficult situations.

Tips for managing difficult situations
A person sews a blue face mask with an illustrative pattern.

Your guide to homemade face masks

Homemade face masks can be used as an additional measure to protect others against the spread of coronavirus. Here are tips to make your own at home.

Let’s make some masks

A cheerful middle-aged woman in a cozy sweater does some light exercises with yellow dumbbells at home.

Why it’s important to stay active in times of self-isolation

Keeping your body moving has many benefits, particularly in times of stress. Here are three things to keep in mind while exercising at home or during isolation.

Creating healthy habits
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5 tips for grocery shopping during COVID-19

Keeping our bodies and minds well fueled with nutritious foods remains as important as ever during these challenging times. Here are five tips to help you make the most out of your next grocery shop.

Stay safe and healthy

An older couple greets their loved ones virtually on a video-call.

How to curb anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic

Experiencing anxiety and worry in uncertain times is normal. Whether you’re experiencing extreme anxiety or moderate levels that are normal, here are eight strategies that can help you manage those anxious feelings.

Tame your anxiety
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Sleep hygiene to fight COVID-19

A good sleep is essential to maintain physical and mental health. Learn some sleep hygiene rules from our Chief Neuroscience Officer.

Sleep better tonight

A mother looks earnestly into the eyes of her daughter.

How do we talk to our children about a viral pandemic?

Some ideas for calming young brains from our Chief Neuroscience Officer.

Empathize with your child
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Six tips to stay healthy during challenging times

A few tips to help us keep our sanity and perhaps even enjoy our time in relative isolation.

Ways to keep sane

A person squeezes a droplet of sanitizer onto their hand.

Keep Calm and Carry Hand Sanitizer

Often-alarming news is widely shared about COVID-19. Here are some suggestions to help you manage this overwhelming amount of information.

Overcome information overload

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