Why now?

Lack of physician attachment and access to care are problems for many Canadians

of Canadians find it difficult to access medical care in the evenings, on weekends, or on holidays without going to an emergency department¹.

people in BC alone do not have a family physician².

Canada’s ranking for access to care amongst high income countries¹.

A mother and her toddler on a video call with a doctor.
How is TELUS responding?

Babylon by TELUS Health combines technology with the knowledge and experience of family physicians

A wide range of services

Symptom Checker

The Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered Symptom Checker was developed collaboratively by a team of dedicated doctors and scientists. This tool asks patients questions about their symptoms to provide information on possible courses of action. It provides health information only, not a diagnosis.

Video-based appointments with Canadian-licensed family physicians

Patients, particularly the millions of Canadians who don’t currently have a family physician or those who struggle to access after-hours care, can book an appointment to see a physician by video.

Clinical Records

Securely store your personal health information such as medication, past conditions, family history, and allergies.

Post-appointment support

Our operations and clinical teams ensure comprehensive follow-up for all tests and referrals, including sending clinical records to patients’ family physicians.

Supporting patient needs

After hours care

For the millions of Canadians who struggle to access care on evenings and weekends and might otherwise end up in the emergency department for non-emergency situations.

Access to care

For unattached patients and those who experience challenges accessing an in-person provider.

of our patients report that our service addressed their concern³

felt cared for by our physicians³

would have sought in-person care (including walk-in clinics and the ER)³

Ensuring quality of care

Babylon by TELUS Health physicians are Canadian family physicians fully-licensed in the province in which they provide care.

Our physicians are carefully selected and trained to deliver quality, compassionate care by video.

Our team charts using language that patients can easily understand, and make all consultation notes immediately available to patients.

We ask patients for feedback after every visit.

Doctor notes are saved in the app and can be reviewed by the patient at any time.

Our physician consultations are regularly reviewed and audited for quality by our senior medical team. Our QA process is built around evidence-based care, antibiotic stewardship, and patient feedback.

Patient and physician feedback

Dr. Sarah Olson

“Working with Babylon has been a wonderful addition to my other clinical work. I really appreciate the lack of “extra” work such as charting and labs. When your shift is done, you are done. What a treat!”

    Liz J. (Patient)

    “Super helpful. They've been able to help me so much! This is so perfect for those of us without a doctor!”

      David O. (Patient)

      “Was able to get an appointment super fast for a medical concern I had. The doctor walked me through everything and gave me the help that I needed.”

        The patient journey

        Improving access and quality of care

        Patient books an appointment

        A patient easily books an appointment through the Babylon by TELUS Health app on a Friday evening as her local clinics are closed. Her nearest emergency department often has 6 hour waits, but she was able to book an appointment within the next hour.
        A female holding her baby booking an appointment with her doctor using the TELUS Babylon App on a smartphone.

        Physician and patient meet for their appointment

        The patient sees a local family physician by video, and during the appointment the physician takes an appropriate history and examines the patient in the real-world context of their own home. The patient is provided with a follow-up plan, including necessary tests.
        A mobile device showing a woman on a video call with her doctor, while holding her head in pain.

        Patient can refer to consultation notes to recall what the doctor says

        If she forgets some of the information discussed during her visit, she can read the encounter notes from her physician. With her consent, notes are also shared with her family physician.
        A mobile device with the TELUS Babylon app open, showing the patient’s notes.

        Patient picks up prescription from local pharmacy

        She selects a pharmacy via the app that is conveniently located for her and picks-up her medications; our Support team has called ahead to ensure the medication is available.
        A mobile device with the TELUS Babylon app open, showing on a map where all the pharmacies are nearby.

        Following up with patient

        Our team ensures all results are reviewed by a physician and all necessary follow-up actions occur. We contact her regarding all follow-up tests and appointments. Copies of all results are shared with her family physician.
        A mobile device showing a smiling woman on a video call with her doctor.

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