Video Consultations

Video Chat with one of our licensed in-province doctors or mental health counsellors without leaving the house, even on evenings and weekends.

Doctor appointments are covered by your provincial healthcare plan meaning no cost to you (BC, AB, SK, ON).

Get prescriptions or referrals to diagnostic tests/specialists if-needed.

Easily access your doctor’s notes and prescription history whenever you need it.

Video chatting with a doctor on a mobile device.

Symptom Checker

The Symptom Checker asks you questions and provides you with relevant health and triage information.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence and developed by a team of doctors and scientists.

Available 24/7 for all users.

Symptom Checker preview on a mobile device


Get a picture of your current health with the Healthcheck assessment tool. Answer questions about your lifestyle and family history to create your health report and get practical insights to stay healthy.

Build your Digital Twin and explore your body like never before.

Designed by a team of medical experts using one of the world’s largest medical database.

Get practical insights to make positive lifestyle changes.

The Healthcheck feature displayed shows a digital twin, as well as recommendations to improve physical and mental health.


Monitor is a better way to track your health. Connect your wearables data and use our Mood Wheel to keep track of triggers and events that influence your well-being.

Track your Mood. Our Mood Wheel helps you gain insights into your emotions and how they’re affecting your wellbeing. Attach personal notes and keep a record of what’s influencing your mood.

Sync your Health Data. Consolidate data from your activity trackers, apps and compatible wearables. View all of this in one convenient place.

The Monitor feature displayed shows practical insights about your physical and mental health.

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