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2 in 3

Canadians find it difficult to access medical care after hours without going to the ER.¹

1 in 7

Canadians do not have a family doctor

1 in 5

Canadians wait more than 7+ days the last time they needed medical attention.¹
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Partnering for a healthier future

TELUS Health has partnered with Babylon Health, a global leader in digital health that combines the power of AI with the medical expertise of doctors. Together, we created Babylon by TELUS Health, which aims to deliver more options for Canadians to access healthcare.

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Why are we called Babylon by TELUS Health?

Babylon Health is the name of the UK-based company we partnered with. They chose it based on the historical advancements Babylonians made in healthcare. In the ancient city of Babylon, citizens needing medical advice gathered in the town square to share thoughts on treatments and illnesses and this is one of the earliest examples of democratising healthcare.

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Babylon by TELUS Health is a convenient way to see a doctor for many non-emergency conditions.

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Don’t have a family doctor?

Speak to one of our qualified doctors when you need to.

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Need a doctor after-hours?

Say goodbye to long waits at the ER for non-emergency care in the evenings and weekends.

See how we can help.

Babylon by TELUS Health is a convenient way to see a doctor for many non-emergency conditions.

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Can’t take time off work?

Consult with a doctor when and where it’s convenient for you.

Building on our strong TELUS Health foundation

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Trusted by over 85K Canadian healthcare professionals

For the past decade, our digital healthcare solutions have been supporting physicians, pharmacists and allied health providers optimise their practices and help deliver better patient outcomes.

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High-grade security and privacy

TELUS is deeply committed to the security and protection of all personal data, most especially personal health data. To date, more than 26,000 Canadian healthcare professionals have chosen a TELUS Health Electronic Medical Record.

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Bringing healthcare directly to communities that need it most

TELUS has committed $5 billion in Mobile Health Clinics across the country, connecting vulnerable and underserved Canadians to “clinics on wheels” that provide much-needed primary care to our communities.

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