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The right technology for a connected world.

Staying connected goes way beyond phone, internet and TV. That’s just the start.

Most Canadians know TELUS for phone, internet, and TV service. But our people are doing so much more to keep you connected through technology that makes your life better. See what we’re up to.

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The home of the future might look something like this.

The home of the future might look something like this.

We don’t know what the home of the future will look like. So we built one. It will be safer, more efficient and full of smart technology to save time and make life easier.

Your phone controls just about everything now.

Your phone controls just about everything now.

The Nest Learning Thermostat automatically adapts to your life to save you energy and money. Parrot® Flower Power gives your plants a voice by sending you notifications when they need attention. Bottom line? TELUS is making your life easier with technology.

Technology is improving life now, but imagine what’s next.

Tony Geheran, EVP & President of Broadband Networks

“The TELUS PureFibre™* network is a strategic investment that is creating the groundwork for the smart homes and smart cities of the future.”

Tony Geheran
EVP and President of Broadband Networks

All across Canada, we’re connecting with those who matter most.

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*TELUS PureFibre™ network available in British Columbia and Alberta only.