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We have a huge range of technology solutions to help businesses of every size. Whether it’s connecting devices with smart technology, providing advanced digital security, fleet-tracking tools or an altogether new innovation, our tools and people can help your business be more efficient.

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How to have a meeting without being there.

How to have a meeting without being there.

We’ve all had teleconferences that cut out or don’t let us see or hear properly. TELUS TelePresence is different. It’s a revolutionary, immersive technology that offers the nuances, body language and facial expressions that come with face‑to‑face communication.

Meet the connected cow of the future.

Meet the connected cow of the future.

Advanced business technology has come to the farm. This app with sensor technology allows farmers to keep track of their significant livestock investments. It lets farmers check if livestock is too cold, keeps tabs on pregnant cows and allows farmers to open and close gates – all with the swipe of a smartphone.

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Garth Caters, TELUS Business Solutions

“Collaboration through telepresence is one example of the technologies we can embrace to transform the way education is delivered in the K-12 sector and improve overall educational outcomes.”

Garth Caters
TELUS Business Solutions

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