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At TELUS, we leverage technology to transform the lives of Canadians. If you're an ambitious risk-taker who's not afraid of change, we want to talk to you.

The Marketing Development Program (MDP) is a unique two-year rotational program designed to develop and equip graduates with the skills to become marketing leaders.

Benefits of being an MDP

  • Gain practical experience on three different marketing teams within the two year Program, with the opportunity to work with various TELUS leaders.
  • Tailor your career path with rotations based on career interests, key business priorities, and areas of development to help you grow professionally.
  • Get assigned a Director-level mentor to guide you throughout the program.
  • Gain the opportunity to apply and land in an area of interest after completing the program.


Applications open from August 13 - September 16, 2018

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Applications open from August 20 - September 23, 2018

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About the MDP Program

Recruitment Cycle

Screening and selection takes place in September - October of the current year with offers extended by the end of October.

Recruiting Activity Timeline
Roles posted online August 2018
On-Campus Recruiting September 2018
Screening and Selection October 2018
Start working at TELUS September 2019


Eli Boey - 2017 MDP
Eli Boey
2017 MDP

The mentorship, growth opportunity, and overall TELUS culture are what attracted me most to apply. I'm excited to begin my journey working alongside great teams and for one of the top employers in Canada.

Holly Zhou - 2016 MDP
Holly Zhou
2016 MDP

The MDP has allowed me to gain breadth of skill and exposure so that I can quickly learn and impact any part of the Marketing business, giving me that upper edge even after the 2 years in the program. This has led to MDPs developing a great reputation for excellence within TELUS!

Joel Thom - MDP Alum  ā€“ Marketing Manager
Joel Thom
MDP Alum ā€“ Marketing Manager

The MDP provided me with the opportunity to trial a diverse mix of roles across the organization. It allowed me to both strengthen my existing skillset through exposure to areas of familiarity and broaden my skillset by challenging myself in areas outside of my comfort zone. Ultimately, the MDP put my interests to the test, giving me chance to pursue a career Iā€™m truly passionate about.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should apply?

We look to hire high-achieving university students entering their 4th year or final year of university. You should have relevant practical experience, strong communication and problem solving skills, and work well in a team setting.

What is the scope of the program?

We hire 10-15 MDPs every year between our Vancouver and Toronto offices. MDPs complete rotations on three different marketing teams in the two-year program. Rotations are available across our TELUS and Koodo marketing portfolio including Marketing Communications, Product Management, and Go-to-Market teams. Each rotation is based on your career interests, key business priorities, strengths and areas of development to help you grow professionally.

How to apply?

Send us a cover letter and resume when applications open. More details can be found here.

What happens after submitting a resume?

Successful candidates will be invited to a first round interview that includes a behavioural interview and individual case study. Candidates that are successful in the first round will be invited to a second round interview that includes a networking event, a behavioural interview, an individual case study and group case study.

What kind of training opportunities are available within the program?

MDPs gain extensive on-the-job training as rotations are selected with scope and skill-development in mind. As an MDP, you will be part of the larger Leadership Development Network within TELUS giving you opportunities to network with senior leaders.

What happens at the end of the program?

After two years, MDPs have the opportunity to land in a permanent role within the Marketing team. Many MDPs join teams they have completed rotations with.

What makes a successful MDP?

Demonstrated analytical aptitude and creative intuition. Passion for technology and marketing. Proven teamwork, communication and problem-solving skills.


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