TELUS Office Wi-Fi Essentials - Terms of Service

Service Terms

The terms in this section, called the “service terms”, apply to a group of services or a specific service within a group.

1.0 TELUS Office Wi-Fi Essentials

The terms in this section apply to TELUS Office Wi-Fi Essentials.

1.1 General Description

TELUS Office Wi-Fi Essentials is a business-grade Wi-Fi solution for your business location. TELUS Office Wi-Fi Essentials provide Wi-Fi connectivity to your employees, guests and contractors at a single or multiple locations.

We will provide a standard implementation of TELUS provided Wi-Fi devices on your premises. These devices are deployed on your premises as they form part of your connectivity infrastructure. TELUS Office Wi-Fi Essentials include service support desk and parts replacement.

TELUS Office Wi-Fi Essentials can be ordered with TELUS High Speed Internet. The service terms associated with TELUS High Speed Internet would govern that service.

1.2 Service Elements and Features

Service Elements

Your Services & Summary Charges table lists the services selected by you. At any time, you may ask us to change the service(s), although the monthly charges may change and one-time charges may apply.

The following TELUS Office Wi-Fi Essentials table contains the elements that form the foundation of the service along with the allocation of responsibilities between you and us.

Service ElementDescriptionYour ResponsibilityTELUS Responsibility
Designated RepresentativePoint of contact for all notices and communications and grants all accesses for us to install and maintain service. We shall not be responsible for any delays, interruptions of the service, damages or costs that may result if we are unable to obtain access to your siteYes 
Your Site Installation PreparationPrepare the service location in accordance with our instructionsYes 
End-User IDsDistribute and maintain end-user IDS and passwords assigned to you. Identify and report omissions of any individual end-user IDs and passwordsYes 
Configuration File Backup, Storage and RestorationBack-up copy of any data stored on any device other than the configuration fileYes 
Your EquipmentProvide Wi-Fi access points at your service locationYesYes
Customizable Service Set Identifier (SSIDs)Default public and/or private Wi-Fi networks will be configured for either medium or high density environmentsYes, if you wish to customizeYes
Service DeskA 24x7x365 bilingual service desk is available to provide support Yes
Proactive Management & AlertingWe will provide a cloud management system that will allow you to proactively monitor its network and devicesYes 
Next Business Day/* Parts ReplacementShould your premise equipment fail, a replacement device will be shipped using next business day shipment if this delivery options is permitted by our courier Yes
Service Analytics Monitoring & ReportingAccess to the TELUS cloud dashboard will be provided to you for service monitoring & reportingYes 

* Business Day is Monday to Friday excluding statutory holidays

Optional Features

The optional features are not included in the base service and will be charged.

Optional FeaturesDescriptionYour ResponsibilityTELUS Responsibility
White Glove InstallationWe can provide assistance for your deployment Yes

1.3 Installation and Infrastructure


We will provide you with the devices as outlined in Your Services & Summary Charges defined in your Statement of Work.

We will remain the owner of the devices and equipment installed at your service location. You will have custody and possession of all our devices installed at your site and you are liable for any loss or damage and insurance covering value of the devices as per the replacement cost table in the Service Description. You cannot sell or transfer rights the devices and they are to remain free of any lien and/or charge. Our devices installed at your site shall remain moveable property.

Service Demarcation

The Service demarcation point is the port on the Access Point that connects to the Internet access device.

You are responsible for the security of your network, for implementing your own security policies, and for obtaining any security services to protect your network.

Our Wi-Fi service utilizes radio-waves and is subject to factors out of our control, therefore, we do not guarantee timely, secure, error free or uninterrupted WI-FI service, bandwidth per device, or that your end users will receive or be able to transmit their messages or data.

IP Addresses

TELUS Office Wi-Fi Essentials utilizes standard IP addressing and routing standards to deliver these services. It is your responsibility to maintain your Local Area Network (LAN) in accordance with these standards to ensure service functionality.


The TELUS Office Wi-Fi Essentials service is configured and managed via a cloud management portal. The devices deployed at your premise connect to the cloud over secure sockets layer (SSL) with all configurations stored in the cloud and providing remote access to the devices for service availability monitoring by TELUS. You will notify us of any scheduled maintenance that may affect the availability of your Internet access. The cloud infrastructure uses an out of band management architecture which means that no user traffic passes through the data center – only management data. You acknowledge that your management data may be stored outside of Canada and may be subject to access under the laws of foreign jurisdictions.

The network will continue to function normally even if the cloud management portal cannot be accessed. Users can authenticate, firewall rules remain in place and traffic flows at full line rates.

For TELUS Office Wi-Fi Essentials software, we do not provide any warranties except for warranties that may be provided by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

1.4 Your Responsibilities


When using the services, you must comply with our acceptable use policy and IP address policy, published at (“AUP”). We may change the AUP at any time, at our discretion. We will publish the changed AUP at, and you are responsible to review this policy to see any changes.

We are not obligated to provide you service in the event you have moved the devices to another service location without prior consent with us, or without prior written consent by any third party providers who require advance written consent, and/or if you are in default of any payment due to us.


You are responsible for the security of your network, for implementing your own security policies, and for obtaining any security services to protect your network and assets.

If security services are separately purchased from and provided by us the service terms associated with that purchase would govern the security services.

1.5 Service Performance

Incident management

TELUS Office Wi-Fi Essentials contain a toolset for you to conduct self-service analysis on many aspects of your network including usage, security and event logs, reports and event alerts. Should the remote monitoring system detect that a device is not available for use, or detects an incident, it triggers an alert via email to your administrator. We do not guarantee that the remote monitoring system will detect all failures, unavailability or other incidents. You must ensure that you keep us informed of any changes to the TELUS Office Wi-Fi Essentials devices that may affect our ability to remotely monitor your device.

You must contact us for any issues pertaining to the TELUS Office Wi-Fi Essentials services so that an incident ticket can be created.

In the event an incident is determined to be caused by non-performance of any hardware, software, facilities or cabling not provided by us, we shall manage the incident in accordance with our standard incident management process that you will pay as an additional Service (“Additional Service”). You will be advised of this cost prior to work being performed.

If a technician is required and/or a device provided by us requires a replacement, we shall arrange for a replacement device to be delivered once verification is completed within a reasonable time.

We shall make reasonably commercial efforts will be made to provide our services next business day provided verification of the defective hardware is identified before 3:00 pm and the service location is within a major center or a reasonable distance from a major center. Should verification of the defective hardware occur after 3:00 pm on a Business Day then services will be provided on the second Business Day following that verification.

Software updates and upgrades released by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (“OEM”) for the devices will be provided via the cloud management system. Your administrator will be notified via email of the pending update and will have the ability to schedule the update during a change window for minimal downtime.

Maintenance Activities

We may require to perform regular maintenance activities to the TELUS Office Wi-Fi Essentials services and initiate temporary service disruptions time to time. We will provide commercial reasonable notice, except in cases of emergency. We shall endeavor to try to minimize interference with your operations.

Service Level Objective

All reasonable efforts will be made to meet the Service Level Objective (SLO). Failure to meet the SLO will not result in any credit, refund or charges, or payments by TELUS and not deemed a breach or default of the Agreement.

Service LevelIndicatorMeasurement Basic - SLO
Premise EquipmentMTTR*Next Business Day
Dashboard AvailabilityAvailable Schedule7x24 including holidays
Dashboard AvailabilityAvailable Target99.9%

* Mean Time To Repair

1.6 Charges

Monthly fixed charge A monthly fixed charge applies for each TELUS Office Wi-Fi Essentials device. The monthly fixed charge is billed following the installation of all services at each service location. All such charges are set out on the attached Service Charges form for your specific options and associated pricing. In the event additional service locations are identified following our initial installation, additional charge(s) may apply.

1.7 Changes


You may ask us to upgrade or change your TELUS Office Wi-Fi Essentials service following your installation although your monthly fixed charge may change. For any subscribed service within TELUS Office Wi-Fi Essentials, changes to your devices are made by submitting a service request approved by you and accepted by us for changes to Your Services & Summary Charges.

Should you require an extensive change to your TELUS Office Wi-Fi Essentials service configuration, it may be classified as an Additional Service. In this event, we would provide the costing and ensure we have alignment between us on the work and cost prior to commencing these activities.

1.8 Service Cancellation

Cancellation Charges

When a TELUS Office Wi-Fi Essentials is cancelled prior to the expiry of the service period, we calculate the service cancellation charge using the table below, based on the service period you selected for your TELUS Office Wi-Fi Essentials. The service cancellation charge is a percentage of the total fixed monthly charges remaining in the service period for that TELUS Office Wi-Fi Essentials after cancellation.

Month of the service period at which cancellation occurs% of monthly fixed charges for the remaining service period after cancellation
0 – 24 months100%
25 – 60 months50%

We may, at our discretion, waive the service cancellation charge if you replace the cancelled service with a TELUS service where the value of the replacement service is greater than the value of the cancelled service(s).

Upon service cancellation, you will be required to return the devices and equipment to us to use unless the contract is renewed. You will comply with our instructions on the removal and return of our devices and equipment. In the event you do not return the equipment and devices as per our instructions, or the devices and equipment are damaged, or if you have assigned, encumbered, sold, transferred or leased such equipment, you shall pay replacement costs and any costs incurred by us as a result of not complying with our instructions.

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