Using Partitions

Instructions for using partitions on TELUS Secure Business:

What is a partition?

A partition refers to a sectioned-off division of an alarm system that can be operated independently from the rest of the system. On a partitioned system, only the zones associated with the partition will be affected. For example, if you set up your basement suite (Partition2) as a separate partition from your business location (Partition1), you can selectively arm and disarm each partition at will. Alternatively, if both your partitions are armed and you choose to disarm Partition1, your basement will remain armed and protected until you choose to disarm it.


  • All partitions must be located at the same address
  • Up to a maximum of 4 partitions can be created
  • Panel must be on firmware 2.3.0 or above

How do I get setup with partitions?

Please call 1-855-818-3587 for more information on getting set up with partitions.

Add a user to a partition

Follow the steps below to create a user with a unique access code for a specific partition.

  1. Log into your TELUS Secure Business web portal on your desktop computer and select Users in the left-hand menu
  1. Select the Add user option near the top right-hand corner
  1. Once you complete the user information fields, under Access points, select the lock symbol
  1. Select the partition(s) the new user should have access to and insert their unique access code. Modify the schedule options as required

  1. Select Save when complete

Note: If you are disabling the Partitions feature from your panel, please ensure you update all users and their permissions first.

If the Partitions feature is disabled, a user belonging to Partition2 who is not removed from the system will now also have access to your Primary Partition. If this is not your intention, please ensure you remove the user from the panel prior to disabling the Partitions feature.

Add/edit a mobile app user for a unique partition

  1. Log into your TELUS Secure Business web portal on your desktop computer and select Users in the left-hand menu
  1. Under the Users screen, select Manage logins
  1. Select Add a login
  1. Insert the login information for the new user. Once you complete the details, select Save
  1. You will be automatically redirected to the "Manage login permissions" page. Scroll down and select Limited device access
  1. Select the checkbox next to "Remote arming." Next, select the partitions this new user will have access to
  1. Select Save when complete

Change the name of your partition

  1. To change the name of your partition, log into your TELUS Secure Business web portal on your desktop computer and select the partitions box located at the bottom of the screen
  1. Select the configure systems symbol next to the partition you would like to change the name for
  1. In the system settings pop up, enter the new partition name. Select the X symbol when complete. The right-hand corner of the box will show as Saved

  1. Your new partition name is now changed

Customize your partition’s sound settings

All partitions will have the Global Fire Siren, Global Intrusion Sounds and Sirens and Global Auxiliary sirens settings On. The Global Chimes and Voices setting is defaulted to Off.

Below are examples of each siren:

Partition sound settingDefault settingExample
Global Fire SirenOnOccurs if a fire alarm is detected in a specific partition
Global Intrusion Sounds and SirensOnOccurs if an intrusion from a break-in is detected in a specific partition
Global Auxiliary SirensOnOccurs if the auxiliary panic is triggered in a specific partition (e.g. medical emergency)
Global Chimes and VoicesOffIf enabled, all chimes and voices from each partitions will be heard in all partitions

To change the Global Chimes and Voices setting from the panel, follow these steps here:

  1. Select Settings

  2. Select Advanced settings

  3. Select Sound

  4. Scroll to the bottom and look for the Partition sounds section. Next to Global Chimes and Voices, enable or disable the checkbox to the right to suit your preferences

To modify your sound settings, you can also call TELUS at 1-855-818-3587 and our agents will help you modify them to suit your preferences.

Arm your partitions with Global Arming

To arm all of your partitions using one action, use the Global Arming feature.

Note: You can only arm the partitions you have user access to. For example, if you want to arm all the partitions in your business, your user profile must have access to each partition.

Follow the steps below to arm your partition(s):

  1. Select the security screen
  1. Select the partitions you would like to arm. Choose Select all partitions if you want to arm all partitions. Then, select Arm stay or Arm away to arm your premises.

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