Mobility fees

Find out the cost for a device setup or rate plan change

The following fees do not include applicable taxes.

Connection fee

The $40 connection fee includes a SIM card and access to a TELUS team member to process your activation or renewal along with other exclusive TELUS services like Smart Start, Learning Sessions and the Device Checkup App.

Note: All Business activations and renewals will incur the standard connection fee charge.

Reprint bill

To view/print your bill online for free:

  1. Log in to your online account
  2. Select Billing
  3. You can view, download and print bills at the bottom of the page. The last 18 months of bills will be available

If you request a copy of your bill be re-printed and mailed to you, the charge is $3 per bill. This request is not available in TELUS stores.

Change your phone number

To change your number online for free:

  1. Log in to your online account
  2. Select Mobility under Manage services
  3. Select the number you wish to change
  4. Select Change phone number
  5. Follow the prompts to either choose a new phone number or add a number being transferred

If your current number is from Alberta, B.C. or Ontario, you can change your number to one from any province. If your current number is from another province, you must choose a number from that same province.

If you request a customized phone number by phone or in a TELUS store, the charge is $35. Non customized phone number change is charged $15.

Device setup

If you switch your device or SIM card in a TELUS store and receive full device setup without renewing the term of your service agreement, the charge is $35.

This includes:

  1. Switching from a 3G (CDMA) device to another 3G (CDMA) device or to a 4G device
  2. Switching from a 4G device to another 4G device or to a 3G (CDMA) device

A full setup includes:

  1. SIM card and device setup
  2. All calling/data services (email, voice mail, your online account) setup

This fee does not apply when you:

  1. Activate a device on a new service agreement
  2. Renew your service on a new term commitment
  3. Exchange an activated device within 14 days of purchase

Prepaid top-up/service changes

If a TELUS representative helps you top-up or purchase a rate plan or add-on by phone or in a TELUS store, the charge is $2.

You can change rate plans and add add-on plans yourself by logging in to your account.

Rate plan change

To change your rate plan online for free:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Select View your plans and add-ons for the number you want to manage
  3. Select Change rate plan

If you change your rate plan more than once during a calendar year by phone or in a TELUS store, the charge is $15. This fee includes a full consultation with a TELUS representative to learn how the rate plan change impacts your bill.

Note: You can change your rate plan online only once per bill cycle. The first rate plan change of every calendar year is free.

Reconnection fee

If your account is reconnected after suspension due to non-payment or when suspended for reaching the credit limit, the charge is $35 per account.

Service cancellation/termination

When you cancel your TELUS services (by phone only) before your service term ends, you will need to pay off your outstanding device balance. There is also a charge of $50 if you activated before November 17, 2013. Recurring charges such as your monthly plan and add-ons will be prorated to reflect only the portion of the month in which your wireless service was still active.

The $50 fee is not charged in Quebec or Nova Scotia for activations after April 30, 2013, Newfoundland for activations after September 26, 2012, or Manitoba for activations after September 14, 2012, because of the consumer protection legislation in those provinces.

Transfer of ownership

If you transfer your TELUS account to a new owner (by phone only), the charge is $35.

Non-sufficient funds

Payments returned due to insufficient or unavailable funds by cheque or pre-authorized chequing account are subject to a $25 administration fee.

Late fees

If payment of an amount due is not received by us by the required payment date specified on your bill, it will be considered a delinquent amount and will be subject to a late payment charge of 3% per month, calculated and compounded monthly on the delinquent amount (42.58% per year) from the date of the first invoice on which the delinquent amount appears until the date we receive such amount in full.

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