ICI TOU.TV EXTRA (Quebec only)

How can I tell if my TELUS subscription includes the ICI TOU.TV EXTRA package?

ICI TOU.TV EXTRA is included in all subscriptions to the following TELUS services:

  • Mobility (Service offered to consumer customers with a subscription to TELUS’s postpaid mobility service and mobile Internet network in Quebec. Not valid for customers using a line provided by their employers.)
  • High-Speed Internet (Service for individual customers in Quebec.)
  • OPTIK TV (Service for individual customers in Quebec.)

Limited to one access by mobile phone number and one access by TELUS residential service account in Quebec.

Is it free?

The current ICI TOU.TV offer is free.
The ICI TOU.TV EXTRA package, which costs $6.99/month + taxes, is included for some TELUS subscribers. To find out if you’re eligible, please refer to the answer to the question “How can I tell if my TELUS subscription includes the ICI TOU.TV EXTRA package?”

Please note that some ads are integrated into the ICI TOU.TV EXTRA package. This is how we can provide you with free access to the service. In addition, data usage charges may be applicable depending on your package.

How can I have ICI TOU.TV EXTRA included in my TELUS subscription?

Please start by visiting http://ici.tou.tv using your web browser.
If you haven't done so already, you will be asked to register by creating a Radio-Canada account. With this account, in future, you will be able to sign in to all ICI TOU.TV platforms. Finally, you will have to identify yourself with your mobile phone number (your device must be able to receive text messages) or the account number associated with your TELUS OPTIK TV or High-Speed Internet service.
In this way, you can enjoy ICI TOU.TV EXTRA’s additional selection and benefits (540p definition, viewing history, resume viewing, favourites).
In keeping with its standard privacy policy, TELUS will not share your personal information with its partner (Société Radio-Canada).

My package includes one of TELUS’s mobile Internet services (SIM card for tablets, Smart Hub, access point or Internet key). Am I eligible?

Yes, you just need to have your customer number handy, as well as the mobile Internet number associated with your device, to access ICI TOU.TV EXTRA.

I’m in compliance with the terms and conditions, so why do I get error messages when I try to identify myself as a TELUS customer?

Are you sure that the information you entered is valid (i.e. the right phone number or account number)? Also, are you sure you're entitled to it according to the details listed here?
If so, there may be a temporary problem, so try again in a little while.
If the situation continues, contact us so that we can check your eligibility.

What is ICI TOU.TV’s bandwidth consumption?

Like any video website, ICI TOU.TV consumes bandwidth. This consumption varies according to the viewing resolution. Watching ICI TOU.TV content can consume around 1.5 GB of data per hour.

Are all programs available in high definition (HD)?

The image quality varies according to your bandwidth usage and the speed of your Internet connection. Programs are available with a resolution of up to 540p (high definition) if you're an ICI TOU.TV EXTRA subscriber connected through your Radio-Canada account. Otherwise, they are available with a resolution of up to 480p (standard definition).

How can I adjust the image quality?

There are five video transfer rates on ICI TOU.TV: 500 kbps, 800 kbps, 1,200 kbps, 2,000 kbps and 3,000 kbps. The higher the rate, the better the image.
If you have a high-speed connection, it will automatically adjust to the best transfer rate. However, there are some users who experience a lag between the sound and image, or the reception may be choppy or freeze altogether when streaming video.
To maintain the image quality, changing the rate manually is advised.

Is it possible to watch our video content on a mobile device?

Yes, free mobile apps are available for iOS and Android.

What OS version is required?

The Apple app works on iOS 7.
The Android app works on OS 4.0 and higher

I don’t see anything, but I hear the audio part of a video. Why?

If you don't have enough bandwidth when you start a video, the sound alone might play without the image. In this case, you will need a better connection to play the video. Make sure that you’ve completed all the updates on your device.

Is the video quality variable?

Yes. The mobile app video's streaming quality may vary, according to Apple and Google’s quality requirements. By default, the app will look for the best quality available. In addition, it’s not unusual for the video quality to vary from one connection to another.

I have other questions about ICI TOU.TV EXTRA. Where can I find answers?

Many questions and answers as well as access to a support community are available on the ICI TOU.TV platform. Visit assistance.radio-canada.ca for more information.

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