Understanding your first Mobility bill

See key elements of your Mobility bill and learn what you need to know at a glance

Account info

  1. Account number: Think of this as your customer ID – you’ll need this for any account inquiries or changes, as well as for bill payments made outside of My TELUS.

Recurring monthly plan charges

  1. Your plan: This section contains all the details of your monthly rate plan, as well as any features and services that are included with your plan.
  2. Your add-ons: These are charges for any additional services and/or features not included in your monthly rate.

Note: A one-time connection fee will appear in the above section on your first bill. However, this is not a recurring fee and will not show up on future bills. We apologize for any confusion and are working to correct this. If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

Additional charges and credits

  1. Prorated (partial) charges: Every TELUS Mobility customer gets assigned to a bill cycle. At the start of each bill cycle you’ll be charged for your regular monthly services, which are billed 1 month in advance.

The day you activate or change your rate plan may not align with your assigned bill cycle. This means that on your first bill you’ll see a partial charge for the days leading up to the start of your bill cycle, as well as a charge for next month’s regular bill.

Partial charges will only appear on your first bill, or if you change plans.

Check out this video for more details.

  1. Usage charges: These charges occur when your usage exceeds the total included in your monthly rate plan (if applicable). This may include additional talk time, text and data.

Account-wide charges

  1. Total due: Your total new charges (including applicable taxes), plus any balance owing from your last bill and late payment charges (if applicable). Payments are due upon receipt.

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