Find your TELUS Mobility account number

How to find your Mobility account number

As of now, TELUS is making it simpler to access your account online. In most cases, all you will need is your account number.

Can't find your account number? Here are a few places it could be.


Your Mobility account number can be found on your TELUS Service Agreement below the date.

It also appears on your TELUS paper bill under your name.

Prepaid Mobility

Your Prepaid Mobility account number can be found on your sign up email.

If you can't find the email, please contact us.


Your account number can be found on your paper bill beside your company name.

It may also appear under your billing address as your Customer number.

Alternatively, you may find your account number in the top-right corner under your Billing number.

Finally, your account number is also the 5 or 6 digits that follow the zeros in the long-form account number.

If you don’t have a paper bill, please contact us.

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