Day one checklist

A checklist to ensure you're prepared to use TELUS Webmail after its migration to Gmail

Your TELUS email account has now been moved to Google. To access your account on your phone or email application of choice, you must first follow the steps in this checklist:

  1. Visit from your web browser and enter your primary email address. This email address was provided to you in our email communications, as it might not be the same one that you use to log into your account
  1. Enter your password

Note: If you can’t recall your password, you can use the self-help tools to change your password. You can also call TELUS to reset your password if required.

  1. Select Accept to Google’s terms and conditions

Note: This is a technical requirement. TELUS’ terms of service will still apply to your use of your TELUS email account.

  1. Set up a recovery email and/or phone number. This will help you to easily reset your password if you ever forget it. If you have already entered this information in Webmail, you will simply confirm this information is still current
  1. Change your password. This step is required to meet our new security requirements

Welcome to the powered by Google experience.

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