Set Up Data Usage Notifications

You can set up data usage notifications and receive text messages when you reach specific data usage thresholds with most TELUS rate plans and data add-ons

NOTE: If you have a Voice and Data Flex plan, or Data Flex Add-on, data usage notifications are automatically enabled and do not need to be set up.

What you need to know

You can receive up to 5 text message notifications at:

  • 75% of your monthly data allotment
  • 95% of your monthly data allotment
  • $10* of overage/pay-per-use charge
  • $50* of overage/pay-per-use charge
  • $200* of overage/pay-per-use charge.

NOTE: Voice and Data Flex plans and Data Flex Add-ons do not provide data usage notifications at these thresholds.

Enable data usage notifications

To enable data usage notifications:

  1. Log in to MyTELUS
  2. Click the Usage tab.
  3. Click Data notification .
  4. Select ON .
  5. Click Update .

NOTE: Some plans are not eligible to receive TELUS Data Usage Notifications. Enabling TELUS Data Usage Notifications may not work for your plan.

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