Data Manager web feature explained

Manage your data usage with the Data Manager web feature

  1. Log into My TELUS. From the Overview page, select View usage details
  1. Set a limit: Select Get started on the Usage page
  2. Overage protection: Customers can set overage protection for the entire account directly from the Usage page by playing with the On/Off toggles
  1. Choose a subscriber: Select the subscriber for which you would like to set a limit for. Select Manage
  2. Overage protection (by subscriber): Customers can set overage protection by subscriber by playing with the On/Off toggles
  1. Set the limit: Enter the limit you want by subscriber. Select Save when you're ready to set the limit

Best practice: Set the limits across the account that add up exactly to the total size of your data bucket.

Note: Data limits are not available for users on a Peace of Mind Connect plan.

  1. Changing or removing a limit: Select Manage on the subscriber summary page. You will be able to delete or update the limit

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