Data Manager step-by-step guide

Understand the Data Manager feature

This article takes you through the Data Manager feature of the My TELUS app. Don't have the app? Download it free today.


  1. Account cycle reminder: The customer will receive a monthly reminder when data refreshes on their Data Manager account
  2. Usage meter: Empties as the new cycle begins
  3. Overage protection: Toggles for overage protection and data access are available for each subscriber on the account
  4. Setting limits: We now have the ability to set a data limit for each subscriber on the account. Select Set a limit to add limits per subscriber


  1. Once the customer has selected to set a limit, they can choose how big the limit should be for each subscriber by using the slider


  • Data limits do not act as an allocation, or chunk of data set aside for each subscriber, they are a usage point that the subscriber cannot go past
  • Data limits are not available for users on a Peace of Mind Connect plan

Best practice: We recommend setting limits for each subscriber that in total equals the size of your data bucket. See the example below.

8 GB Shared bucket w/3 subs
4 GB Limit for Jackson
2 GB Limit for Alex
2 GB Limit for Sasha

  1. Limit confirmation

Usage and overuse

  1. Overage Protection reminder

Best practice: Set an overage protection with each limit to avoid overage charges.

  1. Usage notifications: Customers will get in-app notifications on usage in additions to the ones sent by SMS to their device

  2. Data bucket visual: Customers can see a meter with all available data in their bucket, days remaining in their usage cycle and usage by subscriber

  1. Reached data limit: When customers reach their data limit and have overage protection activated for each subscriber they will be blocked from using data until the cycle refreshes or until they purchase a data top up
  1. Reached data limit without overage protection: Customers will be shown the usage and amount they have been charged as a result of going over.

Best practices:

  • If this is the case, we recommend adding a top-up to avoid further data overage charges
  • Enable Data Overage protection for each subscriber to avoid costly overages

Peace of Mind plans

Since Peace of Mind plans are non-shareable, unlimited data, the data manager features above are not compatible with these plans.

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