Common login issues with Voice Manager or softphone

This article lists the most common scenarios that prevent you from logging into Business Connect Voice Manager, as well the Softphone, and how to fix them. These scenarios include the following:

Wrong number

Using a wrong number is one of the most common issues that would prevent you from logging in to Voice Manager. To resolve this, make sure to use the correct Business Connect telephone number when logging in. Start with the area code plus the 7- digit telephone number. The same login information should be used to login to the Softphone.

Logging in as an administrator

When logging in as an administrator, enter your area code plus the 7-digit telephone number on the Enter your direct or fax number field. When logging in as an extension, enter your area code plus the 7-digit telephone number and then your extension number on the Enter your main company number + extension fields. The same login information should be used to login to the Softphone.

Browser settings

Outdated cookies and offline data may have been stored in your browser's temp files. This could interfere with your login. To resolve this, you need to clear the cache of your browser.

Password not working with Voice Manager

NOTE: This section assumes that you are using the same login credentials for Voice Manager and Softphone, and that your login credentials do not work.

This is generally due to recent security updates that have been rolled out on both the user interface of Voice Manager and your Softphone. All new customer sign-ups will be required to create an alphanumeric password and PIN.

After the rollout of the Alphanumeric password, you now have two (2) passwords for their account:

Alphanumeric Password – Voice Manager, Mobile App and Softphone

NOTE: Your new alphanumeric password needs to have least one (1) letter, number, special character, and 8-32 characters long.

PIN – Phone access (VM, Virtual Calling Card, etc.)

NOTE: You can also create a PIN to use as accesss to your account from a phone. It should be 6-10numbers. PIN can be reset over the phone using the Phone IVR. Only the PIN can be reset no option to reset the alphanumeric password through the Phone IVR.

Softphone login issues

As soon as you're able to log in to Voice Manager, you'll need to sync the Softphone with the account by updating the login information. For instructions, click here. You must use the latest version of the mobile app and Softphone for the alphanumeric password to work.

Stuck on loading

This may be due to outdated flash plugins on your browser. It is recommended that you keep it updated. Accept updates to the plugin when you get a notification on your computer or device.

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