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Cold Chain

Improve quality control

Reduce food waste and improve food safety in your supply chains with accurate cold chain management at every stage.

Features & Benefits

Recyclable and contactless smart label
Automated alerts
Advanced analytics tool
Integrated with Greenlight Quality Management

Visibility of your estate

Make intelligence-led checks and more informed decisions about risk and expected shelf life with improved data accuracy throughout the cold chain journey.

Check by exception

Automated alerts identify products that require investigation, allowing you to improve productivity and operating costs by allocating resources to know risk areas.

Integrate with Greenlight Quality Management

Combine compliance, quality and temperature data for improved quality control and food safety. Utilize real-time, cloud-based software to make more accurate strategic decisions about the product in your supply chain.

Key Features

Accurate product temperature tracking

Ensure you never miss an opportunity to improve product quality.

Digitize the measurement of direct product temperature with the ability to identify points of temperature abuse in the supply chain that are not currently monitored or difficult to identify.

Robust escalations

Digitizing your products' cold chain journey gives you visibility into areas where temperature abuse or damage has occurred. Identifying patterns and trends for improved accuracy and issue management.

Combine compliance, quality and temperature data to gain visibility into areas where temperature abuse or damage has occurred. Identify patterns and trends utilizing real-time, cloud-based software.

Cold Chain tag

Trace virtually any product from source to store

Make labeling and tracking more efficient with the simple-to-use cold chain tag. A disposable and recyclable contactless smart label, featuring a highly calibrated temperature sensor that wirelessly transmits using open source gateways.

Case study

Sundrop farms

Ensuring produce is consistently of the highest quality once it reaches supermarket shelves is key to any fresh food supplier. With large volumes of tomatoes leaving Sundrop everyday, throughout the year to retail distribution centres across Australia, identifying points where product temperature abuse may occur was crucial for quality management.


Three golden rules of cold chain supply

Cold chain conditions are set for foods relating to the maximum and minimum temperature requirements, and the length of time a food product can be allowed to remain unrefrigerated.