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Full-service, farmer-integrated technology solutions

We’re joining forces with experts to support and deliver streamlined digital solutions that provide you with the information you need to make easier decisions to optimize your business’ profitability.

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Creating effective change through data

Combining the industry’s deepest label resource with a holistic platform that manages precision, agronomy, sustainability, analytics and compliance. A unified platform allows users from throughout the industry to oversee each of those categories with striking ease and relevant effectiveness.

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Logo for TKXS

Custom data and program management

Delivers agriculture-specialized software and data solutions that help Agri-Businesses reach their potential. Focuses on technology so companies can get back to business with insights that optimize operations, improve customer understanding and uncover opportunities for growth.

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Logo for Farm At Hand

Easy-to-use farm management platform

Brings the know-how of simplifying complicated tools to make farm management easier and more profitable for farmers. With the ability to plan the crop year in advance, their approach to collaboration and farm management ensures growers are getting the most out of their farm information. An approach to data transparency and privacy where farmers own their information and are empowered to choose who they share it with.

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Logo for Decisive Farming

Precision agronomy and farm management

Geared toward farm profitability and improved efficiencies, their variable rate technology, whole-farm management solution, and crop marketing tools are setting the standard in quality and service.

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Logo for AGIntegrated

Digitally connecting agriculture

Empowering Agri-Businesses and software vendors with data integration solutions that seamlessly and easily connect different data sources, platforms and devices to accelerate technology innovation and adoption.

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Logo for Muddy Boots

Farm-to-food traceability and supply chain management

Solutions for farmers, agronomists, CPGs and grocers which allows data to pass up and down supply chains, resulting in improved visibility, agility and responsiveness. Reducing waste, increasing efficiency and mitigating risk.

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Critical insights and data-based knowledge

Provides customers with critical insights to improve profitability, based on site-specific data analysis, results from large pen research and interdisciplinary expertise. Combines industry expertise, collaboration with key partners and new knowledge into a proprietary system.

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Integrated online cattle record management

Enables digital cattle recordkeeping to capture data at birth and every subsequent event through an animal's life. Helps improve traceability and the overall quality, efficiency and value of beef herds.

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