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Taking action

Educating future leaders

While our technology can transform education delivery by connecting students with people and places they would otherwise not have access to, there are also potential threats and risks.

Internet, smartphone and app usage is growing fast. At the same time online identity theft, financial fraud, malware, distracted driving and cyberbullying are also on the rise. As a leading provider of Internet services and smartphones, we believe we have a social responsibility to help Canadians stay safe as they navigate our increasingly connected world.


Delivering wise internet and smartphone education

TELUS Wise helps keep everyone safer online. The free program launched in 2013 to engage Canadians of all ages in issues around internet and smartphone safety. It offers a wealth of resources and information online at The following in-person workshops have reached over 140,000 participants:

  • TELUS Wise for parents and adults: How to live and be a parent in today’s digital society
  • TELUS Wise seniors: How to safely and successfully navigate today’s digital world
  • TELUS Wise footprint: How elementary school-aged children can become good digital citizens and keep their digital footprint clean
  • TELUS Wise impact: How middle school and junior high students can be more informed about cyberbullying, including how to intervene
  • TELUS Wise in control: How middle school, junior high and high school students can protect against cyberbullying, identity theft, distracted driving and more

TELUS Wise has fostered over 3.5 million engagements by Canadians across the country through workshops, TELUS Wise content, website visits, and events and campaigns across Canada.

The workshops have proved hugely popular. In 2017, 84 per cent of participants indicated that they are likely to change their behaviour based on what they learned. And over 90 per cent of attendees said they are likely to recommend the workshops to others.


Protecting young people against cyberbullying

Cyberbullying can have significant impacts on the well-being of anyone who experiences it. This makes it a key area of focus for us.

We’ve been working with the WE Movement since 2007, and have sponsored its WE Day event since 2012. Most recently, we have been working with WE to raise awareness of cyberbullying and educate young people to rise above it through the #RiseAbove campaign.

#RiseAbove helps parents, students and teachers combat cyberbullying. In 2017, we reached over 250,000 youth in person and via live streaming with this important message through WE Day events. We also worked with WE to develop a series of lesson plans for teachers to help stop cyberbullying.

A special campaign website,, gives young people, parents and educators the tools and resources to combat problems relating to cyberbullying. We also partnered with MediaSmarts to co-create IMPACT and a related in-person workshop. IMPACT empowers youth who witness cyberbullying to effectively intervene.

Other program partners include:

  • TELUS Wise partners, including the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police
  • PREVNet
  • Amanda Todd Legacy
  • Canadian Centre for Child Protection
  • GetCyberSafe
  • Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC)

Close collaboration with our partners enables us to deliver important educational materials around cyberbullying, including workshops and other online resources available at the TELUS Wise website,