Health and safety

The health and well-being of our team members can be affected by many factors, including social, economic and physical environments, as well as individual characteristics and behaviours. At TELUS, we have programs that consider these factors, so we can support the best outcomes with respect to team member health and well-being.

A more reactive measure of our health is absenteeism. In 2018, our absenteeism rate, which includes paid and unpaid time off work due to illness or injury, increased slightly to 6.26 days per full-time equivalent position. Our absenteeism rate remains significantly below the Statistics Canada average, and we attribute low absenteeism to our drive toward better health outcomes, including our Early Intervention Model, which was implemented in 2016. After two years of Early Intervention implementation we have seen an overall decrease in short-term disability claims per 100 FTE.


At TELUS, health and safety is core to our relentless pursuit of the prevention of workplace accidents and injuries.

Safety Management System

Our Safety Management System (SMS), which aligns with governing legislation, promotes a positive safety culture and is continuously monitored for its effectiveness. Within our SMS, we have established comprehensive and systematic policies and programs to enhance the safety of our workforce.


In 2018, our team members in the field completed approximately 52,000 hours of formal training, building their safety knowledge and skills.

Safety training programs serve a dual purpose in that they provide team members with the skills and knowledge to perform their work safely, and they reinforce the safety culture at TELUS. For this reason, there is ongoing safety training in all areas of the organization, with particular focus on the identification and management of workplace hazards.

Performance targets are also set for our hazard control programs. These results are reported every quarter to the Human Resources and Compensation Committee of TELUS’ Board of Directors.

2018 Safety Record

TELUS has realized a steady reduction in lost time accidents (LTA) since 2010, and this result continues to compare favourably with the 2017 U.S. Telecommunications Industry average of 1.3 LTA per 200,000 hours worked. In 2018, we reduced trending workplace accidents and incidents by:

  • Concentrating on winter preparedness which included, provisioning of equipment (ice cleats) to mitigate slip, trip and fall risks for our technicians who work in the field
  • Developing and updating ergonomic procedures and trainin
  • Issuing a number of awareness communications to technicians that emphasized proper ergonomic working techniques.