Customer First Commitment

Creating an unforgettable customer experience is a collective effort that centres around the power of the human connection. We know we are not perfect, which is why we are always listening to our customers to learn how we can continue to put them first and elevate their TELUS experience. Taking the time to understand the diverse lifestyles of Canadians will help us innovate like never before and unlock new opportunities to revolutionize the way our products and services improve lives.

Leadership in customer satisfaction

Every year, the CCTS issues a report providing statistics on complaints against telecoms and comparisons among carriers.

For the seventh year in a row, TELUS has maintained its top spot with the lowest number of complaints among national carriers, according to the CCTS annual report released in November 2018. TELUS also earned an industry-leading customer loyalty rate, with a churn rate below one per cent for more than five consecutive years. For more than nine years in a row, Koodo continues to have fewer complaints than other Canadian flanker brands.

BrandNumber of CCTS complaints accepted% of industry complaints
Koodo Mobile3602.5%
Public Mobile1421.0%

TELUS also participated in the CRTC’s 2018 proceeding to examine claims of aggressive or misleading sales practices concerning telecommunications services, the prevalence and impact on consumers, and potential solutions. TELUS highlighted the customer service successes associated with our Customers First journey and proposed a code of conduct consolidating existing regulations.