Our purpose

Building stronger communities

The TELUS team is passionate about giving back and providing support in the communities where we live and work. Guided by our philosophy – we give where we live® – we are committed to driving positive social outcomes and helping to build stronger and healthier communities. In 2018, TELUS, our team members and retirees contributed more than $150 million to charitable and community organizations and volunteered one million hours.

Since 2000, TELUS, our team members and retirees have contributed $682 million to charitable and community organizations and volunteered 10 million hours of service to local communities.

In 2018, we engaged over 36,000 team members, retirees, family and friends globally through our annual TELUS Days of Giving®.

Launching the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation

In 2018, we launched the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation™, an independent charitable organization founded to address the social and economic challenges facing Canada’s vulnerable youth, made possible by an unprecedented $120 million donation from TELUS. With the endowment enabled by TELUS’ donation, the Foundation will have the means to help vulnerable youth thrive in our challenging world. The Foundation will provide better access to health and educational opportunities, enabled by technology for years to come.

The donation to the Foundation, made possible by the sale of TELUS Garden in Vancouver, provides sustainable funding for many of our social purpose initiatives for years to come.

The Foundation represents the next evolution of our philosophy to give where we live. It provides financial grants to small, grassroots charities across Canada that need help in directly supporting youth in our communities. It builds on the achievements of our 13 TELUS Community Boards across Canada and ensures our commitment to giving will be sustained for decades.

For more information on the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation, visit the Foundation’s website.

Empowering underserved Canadians through our Connecting for Good programs

The foundation of our social purpose is our commitment to enabling better outcomes for Canadians. Through our Connecting for Good™ programs – Health for Good™, Mobility for Good™ and Internet for Good™ – we are leveraging our technology to ensure disadvantaged and underserved citizens are connected to the people, information and opportunities that matter most. Our life-changing programs provide TELUS-subsidized access to the technologies that underpin the success of so many Canadians at risk of being left behind in our increasingly digital society. For more information, visit telus.com/community.