Transforming healthcare

We believe that technology can help deliver better and more sustainable health experiences for Canadians. From connecting doctors and other healthcare providers with one another and their patients to harnessing information to making prevention and wellness more accessible to everyone, we are committed to providing reliable healthcare products and services that empower patients and their providers.

Stakeholders in the healthcare industry agree there is a need for increased patient satisfaction, experience and safety, as well as improved clinical access and decreased costs. That is why our TELUS Health Team has identified five key issues where health information and our communications technology can make a positive difference:

  1. Access to healthcare

  2. Chronic disease management

  3. Medication errors and non-compliance

  4. Personal health records

  5. Performance improvement

Babylon by TELUS Health

In March 2019, in partnership with Babylon Health, we launched Babylon by TELUS Health. This is a virtual healthcare solution delivered through an app designed to enable Canadians to take control of their health from the convenience of their smartphone.

In 2020, a French-language version of the app will be available and the doctor consultation feature will be made available to more Canadians across the country. As a next step in our mission to make healthcare more accessible for Canadians, we are bringing our technology directly to physicians, allowing them to see their own patients virtually through integrations with their existing TELUS Electronic Medical Record systems. Learn more about Babylon by TELUS Health.

LivingWell Companion

In 2019, TELUS became the largest Canadian-owned provider of personal emergency response services, making independent living more accessible, comfortable and secure through instant access to help 24/7 with LivingWell Companion™. Through our acquisition of DirectAlert, we expanded our network to serve more Canadians across the country in English and French. Learn more about LivingWell Companion.

Akira by TELUS Health

As an organization committed to driving healthcare efficiencies and enhanced patient experiences through the use of advanced technology, TELUS Health is making Akira – a virtual healthcare app – available to employers. The app simplifies healthcare experiences, benefiting employees, their family members and employers, with on-demand access to primary care providers over text, video and chat. Employees can also use the app to renew prescriptions, access specialist referrals and lab requisitions.

By reducing wait times, emergency room visits, missed appointments and access barriers, virtual care can help all Canadians get the treatment they need when they need it. Learn more about Akira.  

Chronic disease management

We believe that the most effective chronic disease management programs are patient-centric, encourage self-management, are built on evidence-based outcomes and supported with leading tools and technology. Our solutions offer patients, doctors and pharmacists increased collaboration and efficiency in addition to better patient outcomes.

Our solutions include:     

  • Electronic medical records (EMR): capturing, organizing and displaying patient data in a customizable, user-friendly way – aiding in identifying those at risk and those requiring routine screening      

  • Personal health records (PHR): sharing data securely between patients and healthcare professionals and empowering patients to manage their own health 

  • Remote patient monitoring: allowing physicians to closely monitor patients – no matter where they are 

  • OACIS clinical information system: providing a consolidated patient history leveraging existing health infrastructure in a way that gives clinicians access to the most timely and accurate data

Medication errors and non-compliance

To help optimize drug selection for patients, enable easy identification of drug interactions and ensure appropriate therapy management, TELUS offers several clinical decision support tools to deliver greater patient outcomes, including:

  • Drug information system: connecting pharmacists, physicians and other authorized healthcare providers to view and contribute to patient medication profiles

  • TELUS health integration platform: securely connecting pharmacists, physicians and other healthcare professionals to a patient’s electronic health record, empowering teams with the accurate, complete, up-to-date information they need to provide comprehensive care    

  • TELUS Pharma Space: allows patients to view the drugs entered in their profile, request prescription refills, and track prescription status

  • PharmaConnect: a patient communication service that integrates with the Kroll™ pharmacy management system. Patients can consult their medication file and order refills from their mobile device or computer.

Personal health records

TELUS provides online health tools to help individuals maintain healthier lifestyles, understand their risks for chronic disease and other conditions, modify their behavior to mitigate the risks, and if they have an illness, effectively manage it. Our EMR, PHR and RPM solutions offer patients, doctors and pharmacists increased collaboration and efficiency in addition to better patient outcomes.

Performance improvement

In Canada, the majority of healthcare experiences happen at the community level in isolated patient encounters with health professionals who operate separately from one another. Our mission is for patients and care teams to have access to the right healthcare information, anytime, anywhere.

TELUS Health Exchange is a standards-based, secure, vendor-agnostic platform that enables clinicians to communicate across primary care settings to help improve care delivery. Leveraging an array of integrated tools from TELUS and our partners, the exchange integrates directly into the health professional’s practice management system to help improve care delivery through services such as PrescribeIT (ePrescribing service), clinical messaging through MedDialog®, and online appointment booking by patients.

TELUS Health Tools

Babylon by TELUS Health

Since its launch in 2019, tens of thousands of Canadians have used the app to complete virtual consultations.


A patient communication service that integrates with the Kroll™ pharmacy management system. Patients can consult their medication file and order refills from their mobile device or computer.

TELUS Health Exchange

A standards-based open, interoperable and vendor agnostic platform that enables real-time communication between care settings as well as for clinicians to communicate across primary care settings.

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